Sam Wilson & Misty Knight Battle a Classic Blade Enemy in Falcon's New Arc


As Marvel's highflying superhero known as the Falcon, Sam Wilson's adventures usually pit him against super-criminals with a lust for power or violence. But in the first arc of his current series, Wilson unwittingly stumbled into the crosshairs of one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful and cunning supernatural entities: The demon lord Mephisto. Now, in March's Falcon #6, screenwriter Rodney Barnes and artist Sebastian Cabrol kick off a new arc where the devilish being will be out for blood -- literally.

The new arc pits vampire Deacon Frost and his army of Mephisto-backed Nosferatu against the Falcon and his allies, which include his former significant other, Misty Knight. CBR spoke with Barnes about his take on Deacon Frost and the dynamic between Falcon and Misty Knight. We also dig deep into what this arc means for the Falcon's young ally, Patriot, and the possibility of Sam Wilson fighting side by side with his old Avengers comrade and Deacon Frost's arch-enemy, Blade.

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CBR: One of the things I really enjoyed about your initial arc of Falcon was the blending of superheroics and the supernatural. It looks like that continues in issue #6 where you kick off a new arc that pits Sam against vampires. What's it like for Sam to face off against such a threat especially in the aftermath of the series first arc where he foiled the infernal machinations Mephisto's son, Blackheart, had for Chicago?

Rodney Barnes: Sam’s evolved since Chicago. He’s expanded his focus beyond the work to how he’s going to live his life and who he wants to live it with. For Sam, the vampire aspect is a real kick in the pants as it festered and grew with no real clue as to what was happening.

If the tease at the end of issue #5 is any indication one of the major vampire players in this arc is Blade's old foe, Deacon Frost. What's your sense of Frost? Which aspects of his character do you find especially interesting?

EXCLUSIVE: Falcon art by Sebastian Cabrol with colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

I've loved Deacon Frost as a character for a long time. Unlike Blackheart, his goal is much more pragmatic in regards to securing the vampires place on the hierarchy of Earth's totem pole. There’s not a lot of emotion in his methodology, just action.

Just how big of a threat are Frost and the vampires in this new arc of Falcon? What can you tell us about their schemes and plans in this arc?

It’s still connected to Mephisto. Sam escaped hell and made his “son” look bad, so he wants revenge. It’s up to Deacon Frost to achieve that goal. And with Mephisto on his side Frost May get the power to hoist the vampire past his nemesis. Yeah, that Daywalker dude.

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