Faith No Moore?

Per Billboard.com, writer Alan Moore is working on a project with the British independent record label Lex Records that's probably best described as a multimedia project. It includes a photographic novel, art prints, a two-hour audiobook and a soundtrack -- on vinyl -- that will include contributions by Andrew Broder of Fog, Mike Patton of Faith No More, spoken word artist Adam Drucker and Justin Broadrick of Godflesh.

Tentatively titled Unearthing, the semi-autobiographical work will likely appear in early 2010.

Tom Brown of Lex Records talked about working with Moore on the project:

Of working with Moore, he says it's "refreshing to meet somebody that important, culturally, that's really down to earth and still into the core of what they do."

During the recording of the audiobook in Northampton, where Moore lives, the process was filmed for possible inclusion in the box set.

"It's the first volume of a series and it is definitely in the direction of an autobiography," adds Brown. "I know that he's writing another volume at the moment." He adds that it is provisionally titled "Unearthing" and says it is possible the book will get a separate release by a publisher.

(Hat tip: Ash's Twitter feed)

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