Faith Erin Hicks goes solo with <i>Superhero Girl</i>

Faith Erin Hicks is the creator of Zombies Calling and The War at Ellesmere, as well as the artist for Brain Camp, so she has already had quite a bit of success with commercial publishers. Now she's reversing the usual order of things with her first self-published comic, a collection of strips from her webcomic The Adventures of Superhero Girl, which is sort of a slice-of-life comic about a semi-successful superhero. She plans to have it to sell at TCAF in a couple of weeks, and the comics shop Strange Adventures, in her home base of Halifax, will also carry it.

If you're not already familiar with Hicks, start watching her now, because she's on an amazing trajectory. She has a two more traditional projects in the works, including another graphic novel for First Second and a collaboration with J. Torres, and her blog is worth checking out just for her manga fanart (and the commentary that goes with it).

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