Fairy Tail: 10 Hilarious Natsu Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

For as much fighting and tragedy that goes on throughout the anime series, Fairy Tail is a rather comical anime overall. A lot of the humor and funniest moments can be attributed to one character in particular--Natsu, the main protagonist.

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Natsu is the typical shonen protagonist with a kind heart and strong sense of heroism, but like his fire magic, he also has a habit of getting all fired up. His burning passion often leads to saving the day, reckless decisions, chaos, and as a result, memes. Here are ten hilarious memes based on the heart and soul of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel.

10 When You Haven't Seen Your BFF In A While

In contrast to Natsu, who spends most of his time at the Fairy Tail guild, Gildarts is a mage who comes and goes for multiple years at a time. When he was first introduced, he had just returned from his unsuccessful 100-year quest and was gone for so long that he completely forgot what the guild looked like.

Similarly, sometimes after Gildarts went off on another solo journey, Natsu ran into him by coincidence in the midst of his own training. Their bulging eyes show how shocked they were, as if they were two best friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time.

9 Whenever Lucy Is In Trouble

Part of Natsu's hero instinct is for him to swoop into battle and save the day. Even when things are looking bad for Fairy Tail, the fire mage will do everything in his power to arrive just in the nick of time to punish the bad guys.

In particular, Natsu has a tendency to be very protective of Lucy, one of his closest allies. Whether she can hold her own or she actually needs help, Lucy can always count on Natsu to burst onto the battlefield with his flames ready to go.

8 Natsu's Ignorance

Natsu is abnormally strong, even amongst fellow mages. This could be due to the fact that he knows Dragon Slayer magic, he is Zeref's strongest demon aka E.N.D., and he always gives it his all to protect his friends.

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However, because of his monstrous strength, his body has built up a resistance to magic and weapons that would kill any normal human being, and as a result, he himself is unaware of how inhumanly powerful he is. When he was shot in the mouth, he was under the assumption that other people would only suffer a minor injury like him. But in reality, people who are not demons or Dragon Slayers would most likely die from a shot to the mouth.

7 Natsu's Sacrifice

One of the most powerful villains of the series was Zeref because he was seemingly impossible to defeat. Afflicted with the Curse of Contradiction, he was given immortality at the cost of living a life of sin.

But despite his immortality, Zeref continued to search for a way to end his life. Eventually, he was able to bring his dead baby brother, Natsu, back to life in the form of a demon, in hopes that he would one day become strong enough to kill Zeref himself. The only catch was that Natsu, too, would die in the event that Zeref was killed. That did not, however, stop Natsu in his pursuit to take the life of his older brother.

6 Natsu and Lucy VS Anyone

Natsu and Lucy are a part of the same team within the Fairy Tail guild, meaning they've fought many battles together. As teammates and a duo, they are able to cover each other's weaknesses and prevail in battle.

This meme demonstrates not only the nature of their teamwork but also the chaotic energy of Natsu. If there is ever a villain whom Lucy cannot defeat, chances are that Natsu can defeat them and Lucy has complete confidence in him. To top things off, Natsu knows how to make an explosive entrance with his fire that is sure to intimidate his foes.

5 Destroying a City

Natsu is a good kid with good intentions, but that doesn't mean he isn't a little problematic sometimes. Thanks to his massive power and tendency to get carried away in the heat of battle, he has the capability to destroy a city or two. In fact, he's the one who contributes most to Fairy Tail's rowdy reputation.

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That being said, he means no harm and does it all with good intent. Natsu will do whatever it takes to defeat the enemy--even if it means destroying the town he's trying to protect.

4 Natsu's Impulsive Behavior

Perhaps Natsu's most dangerous trait is his urge to rush recklessly into a fight without thinking things through first. His recklessness has not only destroyed towns but also led him into some sticky situations that were often a matter of life or death.

In Natsu's defense, there's not always a lot of time to think in the middle of a battle, and relying on instinct has done himself a lot of good. But in all honesty, he might be an even better mage if he would put a little more thought into his actions before he gets himself killed.

3 Romantic Moment Aboard The Titanic

Many fans support the romantic 'ship between the two main characters, Natsu and Lucy, and would love to see more lovey-dovey interactions between them. For example, recreating the iconic Jack and Rose moment from Titanic would be pretty cute.

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The only problem is that in order to recreate that romantic moment, Natsu would have to ride on an actual moving ship. This is a problem for Natsu specifically because all Dragon Slayers like himself suffer from severe motion sickness. And throwing up all over the place would make the moment anything but romantic.

2 At 3AM

If there's one thing that Natsu loves besides his friends, it's fighting with his friends. While he does train hard to protect his guild, he also does it to compete against the guild's strongest mages like Gray, Erza, and Gildarts.

With Gildarts especially, Natsu will challenge the man to a battle anytime, anywhere. Because Gildarts only returns to the Fairy Tail guild after long periods of time, Natsu sees every time he returns as an opportunity to test his own strength. Rather than a warm welcome home, the fire mage will greet Gildarts with his strongest fist of flames--even at three in the morning.

1 Fairy Tail Friendship

Unlike other guilds that were built upon greed for power, such as Dark Guilds, Fairy Tail was established with a strong sense of family and friendship. The friendships and bonds within Fairy Tail are so strong that they are often associated with Natsu's ability to draw upon his innermost strength in a pinch.

Against the likes of Zeref and Acnologia, Natsu was able to deal the final blow for the victory by drawing from both the magic of his allies and his desire to protect them. Natsu and Fairy Tail are proof that friendship can overcome even the darkest of souls.

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