'Fairy Tail's' Hiro Mashima creates 'Captain America: Civil War' posters

An avowed fan of American superheroes, Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima jumped at the opportunity to draw a pair of posters for the Friday opening of Captain America: Civil War in Japan.

"I cannot believe Marvel authorized me to draw Iron Man and Cap!," Mashima said, according to Anime News Network.

The large poster depicts Iron Man and Captain America squaring off. A second, smaller one, which was given to fans at the Friday premiere, is a parody of the Civil War "face-off" posters, with Fairy Tail characters replacing the Marvel superheroes.

Civil War kicked off the Golden Week holidays in Japan with $2.8 million, part of the Marvel Studios sequel's $84 million international total since Wednesday.

Debuting in 2006, Mashima's fantasy action-adventure manga has spawned spinoffs, an anime series, animated film adaptations and video games.

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