Fairy Tail: 10 Amazing Tattoos To Inspire Your New Ink

Fairy Tail is chock full of iconic symbols, characters, and scenes that would look amazing as a tattoo. Some dedicated fans of the series take their love for it to the next level by immortalizing it on their skin with ink. From the different characters to the guild emblem, there are a bunch of super cool ideas for tattoos. Here are 10 of the coolest tattoos that were inspired by the Fairy Tail manga and anime series.

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10 Erza Scarlet

This black and grey tattoo of Erza is beautiful, to say the least. She looks equally intimidating, graceful, and powerful, undeniably one of the strongest members in the Fairy Tail guild. The unwavering stare and solid stance of the tattoo give off just the right Erza vibes.

Equipped in her Clear Heart Clothing, the artistry and shading on the tattoo are perfect. It looks like it's an image right out of the manga, done by Hiro Mashima himself! This tattoo was done at Black Moth Tattoo by Blake Thomas as part of an anime sleeve.

9 Tribal Fairy Tail Emblem

The Fairy Tail emblem is one of the most well-known symbols from the show. As such, tons of people get the emblem tattooed in order to become apart of the Fairy Tail family. This specific Fairy Tail emblem tattoo was done at Disako Ink and has an intricate tribal pattern inside. The black and grey tattoo looks great right above the elbow on the inner arm. The design is pretty cool too, in a Maori style that connotes power, strength, and courage.

Whoever wears this tat must wear it with a smile and Fairy Tail pride.

8 Levy, Gajeel, and Pantherlily

This trio is certainly not one to mess around with. Levy, Gajeel, and Patherlily sure can kick some butt. The Solid Script mage, Iron Dragonslayer, and combat expert exceed are each incredible on their own but put them together and you better hope you're not their opponent. In tattoo form, they look super strong, definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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This full-color, boldly outlined tattoo was done by Michela Bottin of Soho Ink.

7 Watercolor Fairy Tail Emblem

Sam Kasai Fox of Avenue 88 Studios did this beautiful watercolor tattoo of the guild emblem. Placed over the chest, it looks as though it was drawn on with a sketchy, graphite-looking outline. The gorgeous light primary color palette goes perfectly, emulating both playfulness as well as classiness. A bit abstract, with some squiggles and extra lines, the design for sure has some exciting artistry to it.

This tattoo is definitely one that would look good on anyone.

6 Happy, Lector, and Frosch

Happy! Lector! Frosch! These three exceeds are just too darn cute. And that is absolutely no exception in tattoo form. Done by xsatansbarbiex at Black Moon Tattoo, this tattoo is everything the exceeds are: upbeat, adorable, and super lovable. Lector and Frosch, the exceed pair of the Sabertooth dragonslayers Sting and Rogue, are the best of friends with Happy, Natsu's exceed sidekick. This tattoo looks wonderful!

5 Frosh in his Frog Suit

Speaking of Frosch, here's another tattoo of the exceed in his cute little frog suit! It's unbelievable that Frosch could get any better. He's a little exceed cat in a frog suit. Who wouldn't want to get that tattooed on themself? Done by Zachery Binx at Twisted Fate Tattoo Studio, this tattoo is awesome. It's tiny in size, so it's almost like little Frosch is peeking out at whoever looks at him!

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The small details really kick this tat up a notch; the leaves Frosch is holding are placed just right, and the baby blue background really draws the eye's attention. No doubt that whoever got this tattoo was satisfied with the result.

4 Rainbow Fairy Tail Emblem

This tattoo, done by Bonita Caruana at Horizon Tattoo Co., is bursting with color. Another Fairy Tail guild emblem, the uniquely vibrant colors really help make it stand out as a truly amazing tattoo. The style is bold, bright, and fun. Not to mention, the color scheme is rainbow, so it really just pops in a way that is very appealing to the eye.

The style is very interesting too; it's not quite watercolor, but there's definitely flow and looseness to it that looks wonderful, almost like a paint-splattered canvas.

3 Fairy Tail Main Characters

The amount of intricate detail in this tattoo by Cheryl Hanson-Jones is phenomenal. A variety of the main characters from Fairy Tail are included in this tattoo; there's Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Wendy, Charle, Gray, Juvia, Gajeel, Laxus, and Erza. Excluding Laxus, the rest of the characters would probably be considered the core protagonists of the show. Although, it's hard to distinguish that when there's such a huge amount of characters to consider.

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The linework on this anime tattoo sleeve is impeccable. And hopefully, shading or color will be added in the future to really elevate it to the highest level of amazing tattoos.

2 Little Natsu and Happy

This tattoo done by anna.tattoos at Red's Tattoo Parlour is just incredible. Inside of a bold diamond outline is the scene from Fairy Tail when Natsu raises the baby Happy after his dragon egg hatches, and the two become the best friends we all know and love. The tattoo has a sense of nostalgia and familiarity that makes your heart swell with love and pride.

The simple color palette looks great as well. Honestly, everything about this tattoo is amazing! The person with this tat must be really proud to have such sentimental artwork on them.

1 Fairy Tail Dragon Scale Emblem

The person that got this tattoo just might be Natsu Dragneel himself.

This tattoo, done by Tommy Tronic Tattoos, is badass. The idea alone is super cool. Then, when you add all the colors, the small details, and the overall feeling, it just can't be outdone. The iconic flame-colored guild emblem is amazing, the skin rips are tough-looking, and the red dragon scales are just downright superb. Any fan of Fairy Tail would probably love to have this tattoo as their own.

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