Fairy Tail: 10 Stunning Cosplay That Look Just Like the Characters

Some fans like watching their favorite character in anime and some want to be their favorite characters. This list looks at 10 stunning cosplay from fans of the Fairy Tail series. While there are lots of fans cosplaying around the world, these are some of the best and they look just like the character.

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Fairy Tail is a shounen adventure series that just recently concluded during the summer 2019 season. The series follows Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfillia, Gray Fullbuster, and Erza Scarlet on the adventures they embark on at their guild, Fairy Tail. Along the way, they meet new friends while constantly saving Fairy Tail from destruction. Here are 10 stunning Fairy Tail cosplay that look just like the characters.

10 Natsu Dragneel - Alexandre Uchiwa

Kicking off the list is the protagonist of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel accompanied by his partner Happy. This cosplay was done by Alexandre Uchiwa, and really brings out Natsu’s spiky red hair and signature white scarf.

The pose in the photo is Natsu’s signature stance which allows him to use Fire Dragon slayer Magic. Good thing Gray isn’t in this photo otherwise a full-on brawl between the two could set out. But speaking of Gray…

9 Gray Fullbuster x Maruishi

Gray Fullbuster is always fighting with Natsu throughout the series, but that’s just how best friends are, right? This Gray was done by Maruishi_Cosplay and captures Gray’s ice-cold demeanor. Gray can use Ice Devil Slayer Magic and the special effects around the photo really showcase that. Known in the series for always randomly having his shirt off, Maruishi made sure that his was gone, too.

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Gray’s Fairy Tail mark is on his chest which you can also see on Maruishi’s chest. However, something missing…Gray did you misplace your necklace again!?

8 Lucy Heartfilia - Amber

Lucy Heartfilia may have a crush on Natsu throughout the series, but fans have a crush on this Lucy cosplay. This cosplay was done by _amblee_, known as Amber. Lucy can use Celestial Spirit Magic meaning she can common the zodiacs as celestial spirits to aid her in battle. To do so she must use their key.

In Amber’s cosplay, you can see the keys hanging at her waist, beautifully done. Lucy’s Fairy Tail mark is on the back of her right hand. As in Amber’s cosplay, you can also see it there.

7 Erza Scarlet - Valkyrja

Erza Scarlet is one of Fairy Tail’s strongest members and Valkyrjacosplay shows us that. This cosplay shows Erza in her full armor standing strong. There was a huge attention to detail during the creation of the armor as it looks exactly like Erza’s in the show. Erza’s magic is known as Requip which allows her to adjust her armor and weapons to the conditions of her battle.

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The armor Valkyrja created for her cosplay is Erza’s standard armor which she appears in most. Erza’s Fairy Tail mark is on her left arm which can be seen in the cosplay.

6 Jellal Fernandes - Shokichi

Next up is Jellal Fernandes, one of the antagonists in Fairy Tail with a soft spot for Erza. The cosplay was done by Shokichi, who really captures the all blue everything feel of Jellal.

Blue hair, blue eyes, and blue clothes Shokichi is the perfect fit for Jellal. The character’s signature mark surrounding the right eye, Shokichi replicates it exactly. The background of the photo even gives the evil presence that Jellal has in the show.

5 Wendy Marvell - DatAsianChick

“Sky Dragon’s Roar!” is what this cosplay makes fans want to scream. Wendy Marvell is the Goddess of the Sky able to use Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. The cosplay was done by DatAsianChick and captures Wendy’s happy-go-lucky personality.

Wendy’s signature twin-tailed hairstyle is seen as well as cute ribbons in her hair. Wendy is known for changing her appearance throughout the show. The cosplay featured here is from the Tartaros arc in Fairy Tail. Wendy must fight Ezel in which she comes out victorious.

4 Juvia Lockser - Alex

One of the Phantom Lord’s Element Four, now turned Fairy Tail guild member, Juvia Lockser is a water magic user. After being defeated by Gray, Juvia turned to good. The cosplay was done by Alex_cosplays, who captured Juvia’s look gracefully.

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Alex’s long blue robe replicates Juvia’s and Alex also has the signature hat Juvia wears throughout the show. Once Juvia turns to Fairy Tail after the Element Four, she receives her Fairy Tail mark on her left thigh.

3 Mavis Vermillion - Kay'E

Mavis Vermillion is the First Headmaster of Fairy Tail as she started the guild. Because of the use of Fairy Law, a strong magic attack with a chance of killing the user, her body ceases to age, causing her to look the same over years.

This cosplay was done by Kay’E Cosplay, showcasing Mavis Vermillion’s outfit from the Tenrou Island arc. Mavis’s bright green eyes are seen in the cosplay as well as pale blonde twin tailed hair. Near Kay’E’s ears are two winged adornments that Mavis wears in the show.

2 Lucy Heartfilia - Riku Nedzumi

Given that she is Fairy Tail’s female protagonist, Lucy Heartfilia is back on the list with another cosplay. This time it comes from Riku_nedzumi_cosplay, a cosplayer than has done many different characters. Nedzumi’s Lucy shows Lucy’s bright blonde hair, and her normal attire.

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Her light blue ribbon in her hair complements the rest of her outfit. When Lucy uses her Celestial Spirit Magic her outfit changes depending on which celestial spirit she summoned. In Nedzumi’s cosplay Lucy’s Celestial Key can be seen in Nedzumi’s hand.

1 Natsu Dragneel - Shuto Miyazaki

Rounding off the list, were back to the protagonist of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel. Like Lucy, Natsu also appears twice on this list and for good reason. This cosplay was done by the Japanese actor, Shuto Miyazaki. The special effects on the photo really capture the fact that Natsu is a fire user.

Natsu’s signature scarf and spikey red hair are also present in the photo. It’s also quite clear that Miyazaki worked his abs to match the body that Natsu has in the show. Natsu’s Fairy Tail mark can be seen on his right shoulder in the show, and the same is with this fantastic cosplay.

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