Fairy Tail: Lucy's Best Fights

Lucky Lucy Heartfillia sure had it rough in the earliest parts of Fairy Tail. A clever woman who happened to be a Celestial Spirit summoner, she got into the guild she’d always idolized in Fairy Tail...only to find out they were nowhere near as glamorous as she wanted to believe. On the contrary, they wound up in countless battles...that she found herself being dragged into!

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But while she started out with little to no combat experience, as the series went on Lucy became one of the first people to rush headlong into battle if it meant protecting her friends in Fairy Tail and saving lives. Here are ten of the fights which helped mould her into the woman she is at the end of the series!


The Battle of Fairy Tail arc saw Laxus and his friends in the Thunder God Tribe try to take over the guild for themselves. Though Lucy originally found herself doing well against Bickslow and his dolls, things took a turn after one of his dolls stole her Celestial Spirit keys. Fortunately, Loke was able to summon himself without them.

The first proper team-up the two had gotten to have since Loke became one of her Celestial Spirits, they worked together excellently to bring down a guy who was able to control them if they’d met eyes with him even once.


The Grand Magic Games started as a way for Fairy Tail to reintroduce itself to the country of Magnolia after seven long years of being irrelevant, but it got serious real quick.

The team found themselves going up against the Garou Knights, the executioners for the Fiore Kingdom. The two Celestial Mages of Fairy Tail and Sabertooth teamed up to take on Uosuke, who could alter the terrain he fought on to be anything he wished. The sheer versatility of their powers overwhelmed Uosuke in the end.


When the mages of Fairy Tail were transported to the realm of Edolas, they found themselves powerless and unable to defend themselves against many of the forces of Edolas. Everyone that is, except for Lucy.

Despite being matched up against superior numbers, Lucy manages to defeat the guards of Edolas and keep her friends safe. Though this was definitely solely because her magic relies on a completely different realm than their own, she was still there and able to protect them when it counted.


Juvia manages to team up with her “romantic rival” Lucy to battle against one of Jellal’s minions during the Tower of Heaven arc. Up to this point, Juvia’s had problems with Lucy because she views her as a rival for Gray’s affections. This battle plays with that, as Vidaldus uses his powers to “change” Juvia’s mindstate, turning her against Lucy.

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In true Fairy Tail fashion though, the group’s earnest feelings for one another manage to save the day, with Juvia wanting to remain true to her friends in the guild, and Lucy being smart enough to use Juvia’s water to summon one of her most powerful summons, Aquarius, to help them win the day. This is also one of the first times we witness the Unison Raid attack, an ability which combines the powers of two mages for a devastating magic spell.


This battle starts out with Lucy and her Celestial Spirits helping her to battle against the demon Franmalth of the Tartarus group. But the tide quickly turns in Franmalth’s favor, until Natsu arrives. From there it becomes a more even fight, even though Natsu’s doing most of the work.

However, Franmalth’s ability to absorb people’s souls once again turns things in his favor, leading to him nearly getting the victory against them. But Lucy’s desire to protect her spirits above her own life causes her to cancel the summons of Taurus and Aries, sending them back to the spirit World and nearly sending Franmalth with them. It’s these actions which turn the tide of battle and allow them to ultimately defeat Franmalth.


Tenrou Island turned into the moment when Fairy Tail started developing it’s final villain, but early on it was simply meant to be a way of testing which mages were ready for S-Class promotions. Lucy and Cana are paired against Freed and Bickslow, with the winning group getting to move on in the tests.

This battle is a good deal less serious than Lucy’s first match against Bickslow, with half of their enemies being beaten simply by Cana’s ability to conjure up images of attractive women to distract Freed. And of course, once again Aquarius saves the day by wiping out everyone.


This isn’t exactly one of Lucy’s proudest moments. After all, when Lucy faced Flare she wasn’t able to win. Though she started out well enough, unfortunately, Flare immediately turned to cheating to get the upper hand, threatening the lives of one of the youngest members of Fairy Tail and leaving Lucy forced to take a vicious beating against her.

Lucy hung in long enough for the cheating to be discovered and to try hitting Urano Metria on Flare, but even that was canceled, resulting in Raven Tail getting an undeserved victory against them. But this isn’t about Lucy getting the victory—it’s about her resolve, and willingness to lose a battle she could’ve easily won, just to protect those she loves.


One of Lucy’s earliest battles would be against a future ally in Sherry Blendy, future member of Blue Pegasus. This was more of a comedy fight than anything else, as Lucy wasn’t quite equipped to properly fight at the time. This was made even worse when Sherry revealed she could control Celestial Spirits with her Doll Magic.

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Still, Lucy managed to level up in this battle by learning how to forcibly close a spirit gate, and prove to have decent combat intelligence by summoning Aquarius to attack both Lucy and Sherry at once. Plus she finished Sherry off with a pretty awesome clothesline.


Lucy is a woman who loves and is loved by the Celestial Spirits. So much so that when she discovers that Loke’s friend Aries has fallen into the hands of Sorano of the Oracion Seis, Lucy is willing to sacrifice her own life just so Aries will be released.

It’s this action that motivates Sorano’s own Celestial Spirit Gemini into refusing to fight her any further, recognizing how much she cares for Sprits. She’s even rewarded by being granted the power of Urano Metria,a high-level magic spell, from Hibiki of Blue Pegasus. With this new power, she blows Sorano away, and eventually gains both Aries and Gemini.


The Avatar arc was meant to be a way of reintroducing the members of Fairy Tail after the team had been absent for a year. All of them had trained and raised their powers to even greater heights than before, which is why the “last” Dark Guild went down the easiest.

But Lucy’s matchup against Mary wasn’t easy by any means. Mary’s Virus power allowed her to attack any body part she wanted, causing extreme pain to Lucy until Wendy arrived, using her healing powers to nullify Mary’s Virus. With that, Mary was laid out with the patented Lucy Punch, one-shotting her into irrelevancy and showing how far she's come from being terrified every time she found herself in combat.

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