Fairy Tail: 10 Facts Only True Fans Know About Juvia Lockser

The Fairy Tail Guild, located in the Kingdom of Fiore, is home to many unique wizards, mages, and fighters. One water mage that calls it home is Juvia Lockser. Juvia is a complex character and a fierce warrior. When we first meet Juvia, she is mostly emotionless and uncaring.

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Her melancholy attitude eventually melts when she finds her place in Fairy Tail. She is mostly a shy person unless it comes to her love, Gray Fullbuster. She fully comes into her own and even becomes an S-class mage. In this list, we will look at 10 facts only true Fairy Tail fans know about Juvia Lockser.

10 The doll on her first outfit is a teru teru bōzu.

When we first meet Juvia, she is wearing a blue mid-length dress coat trimmed with white fur. She also wears a blue capelet. On the front of her capelet, there is a doll attached. This particular doll is called a teru teru bozu. She wears it as a good luck charm, in hopes of finding a sunshiny day. The dolls are a Japanese tradition to ward off cold and rainy days.

9 For her, it was love at first sight.

When Juvia first meets Gray it is love at first sight. Gray, however, wants to fight her because she hurt his friends. She even goes as far as to avoid fighting with him at first, until she decides she wants to make him her boyfriend and performs a water lock on her. The pair battle and after Gray defeats her and Fairy Tail defeats her old guild Phantom Lord, she and Gajeel show up at the guildhall to join Fairy Tail.

8 Fairy Tail is not her first guild.

Originally, Juvia is a part of the Element 4 in her first guild. Phantom Lord was the second strongest guild compared to Fairy Tail. The guild was created because the guild founder had a deep-seated hatred for Fairy Tail's founding members.

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One of the first major battles we see in the first season is between Fairy Tail's members and Phantom Lord's members. Fairy Tail prevails in the end and ultimately Phantom Lord is disbanded

7 She can perform unison raid.

Unison raid is a very difficult skill to master. The raids take an extreme emotional connection to pull off. She has performed the magical ability with Gray Fullbuster and her friend Lucy Heartfilia. With Gray, she usually shoots water up and he freezes it making the sky rain ice needles. With Lucy, she combined her powers with Aquarius to make her water magic overpowering.

6 She creates "love rivals" for herself.

Although Juvia makes friends in Fairy Tail, she makes many rivals for Gray's heart as well. When Juvia catches any of the other girls talking to Gray she deems them her love rivals and vows to keep Gray to herself. Her love for Gray knows no bounds.

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Even when he does not return her affections, she daydreams about the two of them together. No matter how many times he turns her down she is delusional and considers them a couple, until one day...it works. One thing is for sure - she certainly is persistent!

5 She is a very skilled and dangerous mage.

Next, Juvia is often underestimated by her opponents. She may seem weak because she is very quiet, but she is very destructive and dangerous. Some of her most powerful moves include Water Slicer, Wings of Love, and Water Nebula. In her first on-screen battle with Gray Fullbuster, she uses Water Slicer which allows her to sling blades of waters with enough pressure to cut through stone.

4 She shows next to no emotional attachments until she meets Gray.

When we first meet Juvia, she is a very melancholy person. She never smiles, never laughs, and never jokes with anyone. We see her walking with an umbrella and rain falling. She repeats the phrase, "Drip, drip, drop." When she sees Gray it's like she is snapped out of a daze and instantly feels alive again.

3 She was bullied as a child.

When Juvia was a child, she would try to play with other kids, but they didn't want to be rained on. They called her mean names and shunned her from their group.

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At some point before joining her old guild Phantom Lord, she even dated someone named Bora but he eventually broke up with her because he didn't like getting wet and being around the depressing rain.

2 Her battles depend on her emotional state.

Juvia is a fierce fighter and competitor, but when it comes down to it, her strength comes out when her emotions are at an all-time high. For example, in her battle with Keyes, when everything is on the line for Gray and Gray's father, she performs outstandingly. She knows her love's life and happiness is at risk and fights bravely freeing him of having to make the choice of killing his own father.

1 She sacrifices herself for Gray.

The unrequited love she shows for Gray is prevalent throughout the series. The bigger question is how far is she willing to go to prove her love? In the final season of Fairy Tail, we get the answer to that question. In the battle against Invel, the heartless wizard pits Juvia and Gray against each other. He controls their instincts and forces the pair to battle. Both, unwilling to harm the other stabs themselves in the abdomen to stop the violence. Unknowingly, they both choose to end their own lives instead of killing the other. Both lie in the snow-covered in blood and dying when suddenly Gray wakes up, wondering how he is not dead. Juvia secretly practiced a healing blood transfusion in case of emergencies and used it to heal Gray in her supposed last moments. Gray holds her and promises to take her feelings seriously if they both make it through the battle against Zeref.

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