Fairy Tail: Top 10 Guilds, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

The world of Fairy Tail is surprisingly rigid for an anime series about a bunch of mages who seem to prefer physical combat to things people actually expect of mages. The country of Fiore has an organized Magic Council, and the Council approves of certain guilds that are then certified to handle tasks in the world from local governments in towns and cities. This can range from hunting dangerous monsters to taking down evil cults.

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Fiore has over a hundred magic guilds that operate in their land, all of varying sizes. For this list, we decided to take a look at ten of their most powerful and rank them from strongest to weakest, and to narrow it down we decided to only focus on the legally approved guilds. Which group is the best?


Introduced for the Oracion Seis arc, Cait Shelter sent a representative to help battle the Dark Guild alongside Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, and Blue Pegasus. Of course, the plot twist was that the guild never actually existed. Its leader, Roubaul, was a man who created the illusion of a guild, imitating all the Nirvit people who had long passed from this world.

This allowed Wendy and Carla to have a home for several years until they could find a suitable home. While Roubaul and Wendy were decently powerful, the sheer lack of numbers puts them at the bottom of this list.


The guild formerly known as Quatro Cerberus, the team is made up of a unique group of individuals who all wear spike collars and go around howling all the time. Their leader Goldmine was formerly a member of Fairy Tail, so they’re a splinter guild that’s managed to grow enough to become a noteworthy group.

They survived beyond the preliminaries of the Grand Magic Games, meaning they’re better than over 100 other magic guilds. However, one of their strongest members, an S-Class mage, was crushed by Elfman, leading to them having to change their name to the far less threatening “Quatro Puppy.”


For a long time, Phantom Lord was considered the most powerful guild in Fiore. The guild was created by Blue Skull out of a grudge towards the original Fairy Tail members. Over the decades, both guilds came to prominence in Fiore, but they eventually went at it very early in the start of the series.

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Though things felt dicey for a while, the result was Fairy Tail’s victory, and it really wasn’t even close. Characters like Laxus and Gildarts weren’t there, and Phantom Lord disbanded while Fairy Tail (and other guilds) just continued to grow more powerful.


Well, they’re certainly the prettiest guild in all of Fiore. We never really get to see very many of Blue Pegasus’ members—it’s mostly just the members of the Trimens and Jenny Realight. Briefly, they have the Thunder God Tribe join them, but even that doesn’t last as once Fairy Tail is reformed,  Laxus and the others return to their home guild.

As for the Trimens, they are all powerful mages but nothing truly terrifying. It’s perfectly understandable why they’re respected as a reliable guild, but they don’t inspire any sort of fear or terror and that becomes more important as we climb the list.


The all-women guild of Fiore, Mermaid Heel actually placed fairly high in the rankings during the Grand Magic Games. Having said that, most of their members aren’t actually all that strong. If anything, there’s really only one woman in the group that’s a proper force: Kagura Mikazuchi.

Easily the strongest member there, her power is said to rival Erza’s. On her name alone the group managed to make it pretty far, but in the end, only a single mage with that level of power means she would easily fall to other groups with multiple people on her level.


Raven Tail’s supposed to be this big, bad, scary group that starts out as a Dark Guild but is eventually approved as a legitimate guild. Plus they were formed by Ivan Dreyar, son of Makarov, and have a cast of pretty powerful individuals. They were so dangerous Makarov asked Gajeel to spy on them, working briefly as a double agent.

But while it’d be easy to give them a higher ranking on this list, when it came down to it, Raven Tail tried to jump Laxus...as a whole. And then got beat down...as a whole. When one man (even if it is Laxus) can take your entire group down, they’re lucky to place as high as they have.


At one point, this group was considered the second most powerful group in all of Fiore. Considering who’s a part of their roster, it’s easy to see why. They’ve got Lyon Vastia, a mage who for a long time was actually Gray’s superior in combat thanks to the versatility of his moves.

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They’ve also got Jura Neekis, and while the Ten Wizard Saints aren’t all their cracked up to be, they’re still pretty strong. Plus they’ve got Sherria Blendy, a young woman with the power of Sky God Slayer magic, a power which can rival Dragon Slayers. Their small size keeps them from rising any further up the list though.

3 Crime Sorcière

Crime Sorcière is an independent guild formed by former villains who’ve gone out of their way to try and stop Zeref while also making up for their dark pasts. They’re a small group, but they’re made up of incredibly powerful heavy hitters.

They were dangerous enough when it was just Jellal (a former Wizard Saint), Ultear, and Meredy. But during the Alvarez Empire arc, they gained all the members of Oracion Seis in exchange for Ultear. If they were to ever decide to make their presence known, they would instantly become one of the most respected guilds in Fiore.


In the time skip between Tenrou Island and the Eclipse arc, Sabertooth quickly rose up the power rankings in Fiore and become the undisputed most powerful guild in the country. They’re a team that has everything. They’ve got a Celestial Mage in Yukino. They’ve got Minerva, a woman who can manipulate space in her sight. They have someone who can mimic any magic they’ve seen in Rufus, and a pure powerhouse in Orga, a Lightning God Slayer.

All of that is without including Sting and Rogue, two Dragon Slayers with limitless growth potential. They’re essentially young Fairy Tail, and they’ll continue to get more powerful as time goes on. However...


Was there any doubt? The entire purpose of the Grand Magic Games was to show how Fairy Tail was capable of climbing back to the top of the guilds in Fiore. They’re not just strong, they’re destructively strong. All the most powerful members of the other guilds on this list have been defeated by a member of Fairy Tail, and if they haven’t, a member of Fairy Tail has beaten someone they got beat by.

This is without even counting the presence of Laxus and Gildarts, who are rarely present because it’d make every match-up unfair. This is a team that eventually got so good at crushing Dark Guilds, they managed to crush the largest guild of them all with only seven of their members. No one else comes close.

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