Fairy Tail: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Gray Fullbuster

The shounen anime Fairy Tail is home to a plethora of unique characters. Fairy Tail immerses us in an adventurous guild setting with a strong sense of family. The Guild is one of the fiercest in the Kingdom of Fiore and jam-packed with excellent fighters and wizards. One of the guild's stand-out characters is Gray Fullbuster, an ice-making mage.

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Gray has been with the guild since a young age, growing up with Natsu and Erza. Gray is a dynamic character who we see grow and develop throughout the series. He is a fierce defender of Fairy Tail and a bit of a wild card at times. In this list, we will look at 10 facts you didn’t know about him!

10 He likes to strip

Gray likes to fight with his clothes off. In the first season, especially, he can be seen randomly chatting and as soon as Natsu or another foe riles him up, poof, his clothes are gone and he is ready to fight.

This fact can be rather hilarious at times but comes from a sentimental place, since his mentor when he was a child taught him to do it.

9 He likes Juvia... sometimes

Gray has a difficult time expressing emotions when Juvia is the exact opposite. She declares her undying love for him multiple times throughout the show. At most times, it seems like Gray only tolerates her, but in certain situations, he shows that he cares for her. When his friend, Lyon shows interest in Juvia he becomes flustered and argues with him that he can not have her.

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In the newest season, they even shared a home, with him teaching her his fighting style. She even adopted his stripping habit and he adopted her love for all cute things. Ultimately, Gray is not very clear about his feelings for Juvia in most of the series, but the pair have their moments.

8 Gray thinks Lucy is cute

When Gemini transformed into Gray, they could read his thoughts. When it came to Lucy, he thought she was a newcomer to the guild, pretty damn cute, and posses some skill. He also thought she was more naive than she appears. Gray has also made some lewd comments to Lucy at times throughout the series, as well.

In the most recent season, Lucy slaps Gray. She later apologizes to him, but he tells her it's okay since she was wearing a maid outfit he didn't mind.

7 He is the best frenemies with Natsu Dragneel

Natsu, the fire breathing pyro wizard, is one of the most powerful people in the whole guild. Since they grew up together, he and Gray have always had an unspoken rivalry.

The two fight constantly and so fiercely their other comrade, Erza has to intervene. However, when one is in trouble the other is the first to jump in and defend their brother.

6 His Ice-Make powers are incredibly versatile

Gray has the power to bend ice to his will. Unlike some members of the guild who have very specific powers which only allow them to do a singular thing, Gray has the ability to morph his power into whatever he needs.

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He can make things like weapons, traps, and defensive walls. He can also perform intricate spells similar to the one his mentor, Ur used to trap the demon Deloria with and has attempted the same spell from time to time.

5 He partners with Juvia for powerful fighting skills

On a couple of occasions, Gray and Juvia partner their water and ice skills to defeat opponents. Unison raid is a very difficult and uncommon skill to acquire in the show. The only others who have successfully teamed in this manner in Fairy Tail's guild are Lucy and Wendy and Lucy and Juvia.

The two are powerful on their own but nearly unstoppable as a pair. Their trust in each other is impeccable and an intriguing watch. In the epic fight between Team Fairy Tail and Team Lamia Scale Juvia and Gray team up to defeat Lyon and Sherria.

4 He tried killing a demon when he was a kid

The demon, Deliora, killed Gray's parents when he was young. His mentor, Ur then found him and taught him how to use his Ice Magic. One day, Deloria was spotted in a village near them.

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He wanted revenge so he went off on his own and tried to trap it with a spell called Iced Shell. He was only a small boy and too weak, so his Ur followed him and took over the spell, sealing the demon away forever and killing herself and the demon in the process.

3 He has a brother

He sort of has a brother. Gray's mentor, Ur also had another young pupil that studied with her and Gray. Lyon Vastia was Ur's pupil before Gray and lived with them both.

The two have somewhat of a sibling rivalry in the series. Lyon believes himself to be Gray's superior, however, Gray always defeats him in battle. After the two put differences aside, they are friendly with one another.

2 His dad's name was Silver

Later in the show, we find out Gray's father, Silver is still alive. After his death at the hand of Deliora, he is resurrected by one of the Nine Demon Gates members, Keyes. Unfortunately for Gray, his dear old dad was kind of a psycho. He hungry for revenge and a part of the dark guild Tartaros and wanted to kill Gray.

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In the end, Juvia kills Keyes, which ultimately destroys Silver, but not before Silver could tell Gray how proud of him he and his mother were. Before his death, he passes on his Ice Devil Slayer Magic to Gray, making him even stronger.

1 Gray was in a dark guild

To be fair, he was only joining the evil guild, Avatar, because Erza ordered him to infiltrate and gain information from them. Natsu and Lucy found a distraught Juvia who hadn't seen Gray in a long time.

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She mentioned that his attitude changed and he began disappearing for days until he just didn't come back again. They tracked him to the guild and almost blew his cover. Naturally, he came back to rescue the pair when another member locked them up and called Erza for her to explain everything to them.

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