The 10 Funniest Moments In Fairy Tail, Ranked

Fairy Tail is an anime that definitely has its emotional, tear-jerking moments, often prompting fans to watch with tissues to dry their tears.

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Though, those tears are not only from the sentimental moments; they are also for the hilarious, knee-slapping, laugh until you cry moments that are riddled throughout the series. Here are 10 of the funniest moments from the series!

10 Scaredy Cat

Panther Lily, in his most powerful form, is a huge black cat with awesome combat ability, including a giant sword he wields. This tough and stoic character couldn't possibly have any fears, right? comes to mind: His fear of thunderstorms. Honestly, it's hard to blame him, since this is a common fear among cats. When he hears a thunderclap, Lily cowers in fear and covers his ears, much to the amusement and mockery of his guildmates.

9 Musical Gajeel

Black steel Gajeel, the immensely powerful iron dragonslayer, monstrously strong and amazingly scary; this is probably the last character fans would think of to have a hobby of singing.

But it's true! Gajeel loves to sing and has participated in guild talent shows to show off his singing chops. He sings, plays guitar, and dresses up in a fancy white suit. The whole shtick is pretty hilarious, and the funniest part is probably his guildmates' reactions.

8 Pickled Plums

Wendy Marvell's greatest enemy to date is one she has never truly defeated: Pickled plums. Yes, you read that correctly! Wendy's great disgust of pickled plums has been shown to weaken her to the point of immobilization on more than one occasion.

During the S-Class exams, she was defeated by her guildmates when they ate the sour plums in front of her, severely freaking her out. In a later battle, she fights against an opponent who attacks with dried sour fruit comparable to pickled plums. This weakness of hers is a challenging but amusing part of her character.

7 Kitty Envy

Before finding his kitty partner Lily, Gajeel had some serious kitty envy. His fellow dragonslayers, Natsu and Wendy, both had their flying cat partners, Happy and Charle, so why didn't he have his own? He tried really hard to find a cat for himself but didn't have much luck. Discouraged, Gajeel felt left out!

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After traveling to Edolas and meeting Panther Lily, Gajeel decided that he would fight him and take him back home to be his partner. When Lily was defeated, he did indeed become Gajeel's partner. The dragonslayer was moved to tears of joy, which was a pricelessly entertaining moment.

6 The Great Demon Lords

In order to stop the war in Edolas, the Fairy Tail dragonslayers decide to intervene and make themselves the "villains" in the eyes of the Edolas people, calling themselves the Great Demon Lords Dragneel, Marvell, and Redfox. Natsu ordered his "subordinates" to destroy everything in the city.

While trying to scare one of the people in the town, Wendy does her best to put on an intimidating face. When Gajeel sees it isn't working, he looms behind her menacingly, truly terrifying the Edolas person. The funniest part was that the Great Demon Lord Marvell thought she did it herself!

5 Carted Away

During the Grand Magic Games, Fairy Tail dragon slayers Natsu and Gajeel were challenged to a duo fight by the Sabertooth dragon slayers Sting and Rogue, which resulted in an epic battle. Though the fight was amazing and action-packed, a hilarious moment came about halfway through the fight.

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The fight was looking pretty one-sided, with Sting and Rogue standing over the beaten down Fairy Tail members. However, they stood back up and began to fight between themselves, throwing insults and punches. Then, Natsu did something absolutely jaw-dropping: He pushed Gajeel into an empty minecart and sent it rolling down the tracks before the latter could escape. After Gajeel plummetted to his mine cart doom, Natsu let out the iron dragon slayer's signature "gee hee" laugh, making the moment that much sillier.

4 Mini Natsus

Gildarts Clive, one of Fairy Tail's strongest members of all time, was once Natsu's opponent during the S-Class exams. The fight seemed doomed from the start, especially when Gildarts accidentally used his Crush magic directly on Natsu, vanishing him from sight.

However, Natsu was actually turned into 1000 mini versions of himself, a tiny army of fire dragon slayers ready to defeat his opponent. The ridiculously funny sight of tiny Natsus crawling all over the massively powerful Gildarts is seriously impossible not to laugh at.

3 Girls Gone Wild

Training for the Grand Magic Games was a challenging task for the members of Fairy Tail who wanted to prove themselves as the strongest guild in Fiore. During a training camp, the main characters gather to train together. Though on one of the nights, the girls get their hands on some alcohol, and it all goes down from there.

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There was a broad spectrum for their levels of intoxication, ranging from Juvia bawling her eyes out, Levy unable to control her laughter at everything, and Erza's demand for more alcohol while swinging around swords. Not to mention Charle calling Happy both a horse and a donkey while flying around on his back. This light-hearted and just downright silly scene is one of the funniest in the series.

2 Cat Head

What's funnier than Natsu getting stuck inside a cat head? Not much! In one of the earlier seasons, Natsu gets himself in quite the predicament. Let's just say he gets his head stuck in a cat costume and has a really hard time getting out of it.

Watching Natsu struggle to rip it off is pretty funny, but seeing him fight while wearing the head and even use it to his advantage is ultimately the most amusing thing that could have happened.

1 Happy the Cat

Almost unquestionably, the funniest character in Fairy Tail is none other than Happy the Cat. There are countless examples of Happy being absurdly hilarious, picking just one was not possible. Some of the funniest have come in more recent seasons, one example being when the dragon spirit Zirconis stated his disgust for humans, refusing to tell them the story of what happened to the dragons. Happy then offers up the simple fact that he is a cat, easily persuading the dragon to reveal the details.

Another example is when the Nine Demon Gates member Franmalth morphed into a tiny mushroom and attached himself to Happy's head during the Tartaros arc. Seeing Happy and his pals try to get the Etherious mushroom man off the cat was much needed comic relief from the otherwise heavy arc.

Also, Giant Happy. This goes without saying, but Happy has been transformed into a huge version of himself on more than one occasion, and every time it is incredibly entertaining and funny.

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