10 Things DC Fans Should Know About Old Lady Harley

Get out of the way Old Man Logan, there is a new senior in town and her name is Old Lady Harley. Harley left town decades before due to a tragic accident that left her in a dark place. She comes back years later where everything she knows is different. From her old friends to the places that she resided, everything has changed.

With all of these reunions, there is an evil clown looming over her. The Joker is dead...or at least he should be. Harley is looking for answers and relieves her tragic past as she goes on an adventure with her exes. Here are 10 things DC fans should know about Old Lady Harley.

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10 Cat Grant And Her Clones

Cat Grant is the top reporter for LNN. She has always taken her job seriously, but she goes off the deep end in the near future. She has cloned herself to be the whole news station.

There are now multiple versions of her all over the world reporting the news. From a Cat Grant in zombie-ridden Canada and a blonde pirate Cat to one having stomach problems there is an abundance to go around. They report on all the craziness that is in store for the political side of this story.

9 Overlord Lex Luthor

Mexico is no more in Old Lady Harley. It is now called Lexico and ruled by the ever-so-great overlord, Lex Luthor. Mexico was conquered by the Legion of Doom and if it could not get any worse, the Secretary of State is Bizarro.

Since Lex took over Mexico, he has turned it into a utopia where things are different. One thing he has changed only for Lexico is the green Skittle has been turned back from apple to the original lime flavor. One of the storylines in this comic follows the world leaders as they come together to decide if Lex is the legitimate ruler of Mexico, now knows as Lexico.

8 O.r.a.c.l.e.

Nightwing is dead and Bludhaven is now a town prison where the badest of the bad go. For entertainment, they have what they call a Blud Bowl, a fighting pit where the raining champions are the Bane Twins. Harley is forced into the ring with the twins and it does not go over well for her.

The fight is broken up by Bane himself. The real surprise comes when men in suits come and break up the reunion between Bane and Harley. They take her to a virtual world where O.r.a.c.l.e has merged herself with her computer. She is not the first to do this and not the last (hint hint). Barbra is now able to keep tabs on everything and everyone without leaving her bathtub.

7 Power Girl Is President

Power Girl is the President of the United States of America. She is seen on LNN giving press conferences in front of the Hall of Justice and preparing to meet with the world leaders at New Atlantis.

The meeting consists of President Power Girl, OverLord Lex Luthor, Zombie Wayne Gretzky, the Prime Minister of Canada, and Aquaman of New Atlantis. Power Girl is not happy that Lex Luthor took over Mexico and thinks that he is about to purchase Puerto Rico, as Solomon Grundy was spotted there zip lining.

6 Harley Killed Penguin


In Old Lady Harley, there are flashbacks to Harley's life before this book. One of the reasons Harley left was because she killed the Penguin in a fit of rage.

She was sick of him burning her home and hurting her friends. She did not mean to kill him, even though he did awful things to her and her friends. Her friends tried to help her through her dark place but they couldn't. Instead, she left and went with the only person she thought she belonged with and that was the Joker.

5 Aquaman And The Joker

Harley is on the hunt for the Joker's killer and proof that he is dead. Barbra told Harley that it was Lobo who killed The Joker during the battle with the Justice League.

Harley went to go see Mayor Lobo in Vegas. He tells her he is not the one who killed the Joker, but Aquaman is. Aquaman accidentally beheaded him with his trident. In the midst of all the bomb smoke, he did not see the Joker behind him and one swipe did the trick. Aquaman did not want to be known as the Joker's killer, so Lobo took the blame (or glory). The Joker's body is now buried somewhere in New Atlantis.

4 Arkham Asylum

The Arkham Home for the Criminally Insane Retirees is not as much as an asylum now, but a safe haven for Gotham City villains; and a lot of Harley Quinn's Exes.

Clayface, Mr. Fries, The Riddler, Cat Woman, and Killer Croc have all take residency at Arkham. They are all settled down and living a comfortable life together. Harley soon learns that there are friends here, some of which are not too happy to see her, Catwoman being one of them. She is upset that Harley left them in the past and has had no contact with anyone.

3 Batman

Gotham City has been under-patroled by the eye of Batman, but the city has always been too big for him to save everyone. In Old Lady Harley, that problem has been taken care of.

Like Oracle, Bruce merged himself with the Bat computer. Now, he has an abundant amount of holograms and robot Batmen at his disposal. There is no crime in Gotham City now and it is barely livable with a strict curfew that is enforced by violent robot Azraels. The timeline with the merger is unclear, but it is most likely after Nightwing's death.

2 Joker Jr.

There is an evil looming over Harley in this story. Someone is out to get her, and she is told that is is the Joker. The real reason Harley left was not because of killing the Penguin, but because she had the Joker's baby. She couldn't stand to be reminded of the Joker, so she gave the baby up.

Now, Joker Jr hates Harley and wants her dead. He even disfigured himself because he looked like her. In the end, Harley apologizes to Junior and tells him she has changed and that she now wants to get to know him and be the mother he never had.

1 Joker

When the team went and looked at the Joker's corpse at New Atlantis his head was gone. It has since been found and transferred into a robot body with a brain for a head and a robotic purple suit. The real Joker is not dead. Instead, he is watching everything from his own space station. He spends his days looking at surveillance footage from around the world.

He is planning on coming back to bring more pain to Harley and Junior's life--Even more than he already has in an impending sequel.

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