Ghost: 15 Things Fans Must Know About Ant-Man And The Wasp's Creepy New Villain

The release of Ant-Man and the Wasp showcases one of Marvel's more complex supervillains in Ghost. Though originally appearing as a foil to Iron Man, Ghost has taken on Nick Fury and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, Spider-Man, and more. He's also gone up against Oscorp, Kingpin, and a variety of supervillains. Why the constant shift in allegiance? Because Ghost believes any organization, no matter how moral, is inherently corrupt. Walking the fine line between supervillain and anti-hero, Ghost has traditionally had none of the typical motivations  of a mercenary for hire. World domination isn't in his wheel house, so he uses his skills as a hacker and programmer augmented by a special suit of his own design to commit corporate espionage and help bring down corporations that exist solely for profit.

Where once his biggest enemy was Stark Industries, it seems that now Ghost has set their sights on Hank Pym and his Ant-Man tech. Luckily, not much is known about Ghost's origins, so the creative team behind Ant-Man and the Wasp has a lot of artistic license when it comes to character development. Ghost has remained one of the most mysterious figures in the Marvel Universe, so the direction the character is taken is open to interpretation, provided some aspects still remain of what fans have come to love. It's hard to tell the motivations for the Ghost we'll see on the screen (a disgruntled ex employee perhaps?), there's no doubt they'll include something more than selfish gain. Find out everything you need to know about Ghost and then see Ant-Man and the Wasp in theaters!


While Ghost has traditionally been depicted as a male anti-hero, in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ghost’s gender will be swapped. Luckily, Ghost has ambiguous origins and spends the vast majority of time in a super suit, so changing the gender to female won’t change anything integral to Ghost’s character. The choice will help bolster the ranks of standout female villains in the MCU.

Ghost will be played by Hannah John-Kamen, most recently seen in blockbusters like Ready Player One and Tomb Raider. Known for playing dynamic and charismatic roles, she is known for doing her own stunts to add authenticity to the films she’s in.


What do Tony Stark and Kingpin have in common? They’re both business tycoons with buckets of money. Whether they align with the forces of good or evil, they both represent what Ghost detests. To Ghost, corporate greed effects any business because of its emphasis on profiting those at the top while suppressing those at the bottom that do most of the work.

It was Ghost’s genius intellect and technological advances that helped the profit margins of his previous company, Omnisapient, skyrocket. While their stocks soared, Ghost’s physical and mental health deteriorated because of the insane workload. His Ghost Tech made his board of directors millionaires, and they didn’t care how it affected their employees.


Unlike other supervillains like Dr. Doom and Thanos, world domination (much less galactic domination) isn’t something Ghost is after. His primary focus is making life miserable for the heads of large corporations who they feel abuse their authority and power. Ghost wants to topple the financial and bureaucratic empires of Marvel Universe’s business elite, no matter the allegiance of who runs them.

Starting with the destruction of his former employer, Omnisapient, Ghost set his sights on Stark Industries, believing Tony Stark to be a corporate shill whose only interest was wealth, not saving lives. He’s also gone after Oscorp Industries, and Accutech, believing the world would be much better off if the technology they created was freely accessible and not driven by profits.


Over the years, Ghost has become known for his elite hacking abilities. The Ghost Tech he created during his time at Omnisapient give him certain advantages when combined with his inherent skill set. His suit allows him to hack into and reprogram any electronic systems around him, as well as instantly interpret their data.

He can also detect and intercept electromagnetic signals, altering them or even silencing them completely depending on his mission. Because his consciousness is bound to the data processing tech of the suit he wears via flux-state capacitors, he is able to solve any data dilemma, no matter how random its pattern.


After leaving Omnisapient and the life of a corporate drone behind, Ghost became a rogue agent. Hiring out his skills as a mercenary specializing in corporate espionage, the Ghost Tech of his suit allow him to utilize Phase Technology to become invisible or intangible as needed, which is perfect for office subterfuge.

Ghost is anything but a hypocrite -- though he may hire his services out to the likes of Harry Osborn, his ultimate plan is always to dismantle large corporations from the inside out. Even when he was hired by Kingpin to steal the Roxxon process that would create synthetic vibranium, he planned to double cross the business tycoon after the job was done.


Originally appearing as a supervillain in Iron Man #219, Ghost has gone on to sabotage the work of many other prominent businessmen in the Marvel Universe. Ghost’s feud with Tony Stark began when Stark purchased Accutech, a research and development company with a beta particle generator. Since Accutech was purchased by Stark Industries, rival company Roxxon hired Ghost to bankrupt them for not selling the generator.

Iron Man responded to a disturbance at Accutech’s facilities and came across Ghost, who proceeded to engage him in battle. It resulted in Ghost escaping with his life but having failed his ultimate mission of destroying Stark Industries. He would attempt again at different times, sometimes collaborating with Iron Man’s other enemies.


While the Ghost Tech created for Omnisapient by Ghost is what gives him the majority of his powers and abilities, it’s his immense genius that deserves the recognition. Aside from being a computer hacker, he’s also a brilliant inventor. Ghost Tech allows a person or object to become invisible or intangible at will.

Ghost Tech began from a revolutionary processor that Ghost created which allowed it to change in reaction to its environment, making it physically intangible. The board directors of Omnisapient used the technology to drive their profits higher at the expense of their gifted employee, not knowing it would later be used to destroy them all when he had had enough. He would then only invent new tech for himself.


Ghost has an impressive battlesuit that he’s perfected to incorporate the revolutionary processor that he once designed for Omnisapient. It allows the wearer to become intangible and even invisible for periods of time, as well as anything they touch. It allows him to hack and reprogram electronic systems around him, as well as interpret and store their data. It also allows him to alter or silence electromagnetic signals.

In addition to the stealth components of the suit, Ghost also created guns based on the suit technology that fire electric bursts, as well as concussive blasts of energy. Like any top-notch spy and mercenary, he also has target-guided grenades, sound-activated bombs and deflector shields.


Once an employee who gave everything to his company, Ghost wanted a little R and R. After working long hours for months without a day off to give Omnisapient the latest in stealth technology, he wanted a break. Packed and ready for his vacation, he was about to leave when on the way out of the lab he met an attractive female co-worker. A social introvert, he nevertheless took a chance on romance and cancelled his vacation.

The attractive co-worker was in fact an actress hired by Omnisapient to keep Ghost at home and working, his vacation having jeopardized a project launch that would have boosted their profit margins enormously. With his love life now tied to Omnisapient, he was available for every demand.


Though typically a loner, Ghost was once a member of Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts, a superteam of reformed supervillains. His primary focus of course was to take down the team from the inside, since he still felt that Osborn was a greedy capitalist that only wanted to destroy rival organizations to take their resources for himself.

Ghost is ultimately successful in taking down Osborn, by giving all the data and information he’s acquired under his contract to any superheroes that could use it. This gives him the opportunity to join a new and improved Thunderbolts, though he still remains a reclusive skeptic (albeit now begrudgingly respected by the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.).


In the mid-’90s, several superheroes received the animated treatment, including Iron Man. Ghost appeared in Iron Man the animated series, notably hired by Justin Hammer to steal the Stark Armor designs. Another animated version of Iron Man was created in 2008's Iron Man: Armored Adventures, which featured another version of Ghost.

In the animated Avengers series, Avengers Assemble, Ghost is portrayed as an Inhuman with special powers that his battle-suit augments. In the animated Spider-Man series, his origins position him as an ex employee of Stark Industries who is fired and wants revenge. He has also made appearances in video games, in Marvel Heroes and again in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2.


Though Ghost may have begun his career in comics as a supervillain in Iron Man #219, the complexities of his character didn’t leave him so pigeon-holed. He often acts as a mercenary for various corporate criminal organizations, hiring his services to the highest bidder that wants to get rid if their rival. His elite hacking skills and Ghost Tech grant him the utmost stealth involving missions of corporate espionage.

Once he’s retrieved top secret information for his clients, however, he ends up using it against them to destroy them from the inside. All corporate greed is bad in his eyes, which means he’s just as likely to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers as their enemies.


After being part of a company that only cared about profit margins, stock prices, and appeasing a money-grubbing board of directors, Ghost decided that corporate greed was a destruction entity born from capitalism. To him, the figurehead at the top of a corporation could be allied with superheroes or supervillains and still find their way into his crosshairs for perpetuating an institution built on it.

Favoring destruction and anarchy, Ghost had a much more socialist approach. He believed that the large tech corporations like Oscorp and Stark Industries should freely disseminate their information, not charge exorbitant prices for it. After all, the owners of these corporations were the only ones that gained anything off the shoulders of their exhausted employee ranks.


Not much is known of Ghost’s origins except what he shared with superhero Moonstone during the Thunderbolts: Shadowland storyline. It was hard to determine his motivations for telling essentially what he’d kept hidden for years, except that he obviously didn’t perceive her as much of a threat.

He explained about working for Omnisapient in Research and Development, with his fast pace and genius intellect turning out technological marvel one after another. He went from being a simple IT programmer to becoming head of the department, and finally to inventing the processor that would form the core of his battle-suit’s technology.


To this day, no one has known Ghost’s true identity. Though the Thunderbolts series gave readers a brief insight into his origins working for the tech company Omnisapient as a programmer and researcher, his name has never been mentioned. He truly has been a ghost.

Ant-Man and the Wasp, the sequel to the popular Ant-Man Marvel blockbuster, may choose to change his origins and reveal his identity. For one thing, his gender has been changed to female, and their face has been plastered on plenty of marketing paraphernalia. By contrast, the Ghost of Marvel comics almost never revealed his face, and practically slept in his suit he became so paranoid and reclusive.

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