Facebook puts Frank Cho through '14 hours of hell'

Although Frank Cho has earned acclaim for work ranging from Liberty Meadows to Shanna the She-Devil to Mighty Avengers, his often-racy pinups frequently garner the most notice.

However, that attention isn't always positive. Such is the case on Facebook, which apparently blocked Cho's account for about half of Tuesday.

Artist Gene Ha passed along the news last night from Cho, who wrote, "Someone took offense to my artwork and got me BANNED from Facebook. My account is completely locked out. This is my third offense. The first two times, I was suspended. But this time I can't even login. The screen goes white. At this point, I just want to know which image got me banned."

But shortly thereafter, the matter appeared to have been resolved, with Cho again having access to his Facebook account.

After 14 hours of hell, my Facebook account is working again with no explanation," the artist wrote. "Every time I login, my screen went completely white. I tried login on 3 separate computers and all 3 went blank. My tech buddy, Brandon Peterson, figured out that it was not a physical problem but someone from Facebook admin just put a block on my account. Now they just lifted my block without a reason or explanation."

While Cho is back on Facebook, for now, which image triggered the apparent ban remains a mystery.

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