Paramount Looking to Reboot Travolta, Cage Thriller Face/Off


Paramount Pictures is looking to add some new faces to Face/Off.

The studio is looking to reboot the 1997 film that starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, according to Deadline. Oren Uziel will write the script, with Neal Moritz producing alongside David Permut. No casting or alternative plot details were announced.

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Directed by John Woo -- whose other credits include Mission: Impossible II and Hard Target -- and written by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary, the original Face/Off stared Travolta as FBI agent Sean Archer and Cage as his arch nemesis, Castor Troy. Seeking revenge for the death of his son, Archer dedicates his life to capturing Troy. He eventually does so, but must also undergo facial transplant surgery so he can go undercover and foil Troy's last planned attack. However, Troy escapes with Archer's face, taking over his professional and personal life.

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The film was a considerable success, earning $245 million and becoming the 11th highest grossing film of 1997. It is also John Woo's most successful film.

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Written by Oren Uziel and produced by Neal Moritz and David Permut, Face/Off currently has no release date.

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