"Fables" Crew Gets a Super Hero Makeover

The superhero concept invades the "Fables" Universe beginning with issue #102, which kicks off the controversial storyline Super Team that will place some of Fabletown's famous fairy tale characters into superhero duds.

Announced previously via Graphic Content, the Vertigo blog previewed today the first three covers from the upcoming five-issue arc, two of which represents an homage to a classic DC Comics cover. "Fables" #102, the issue kicking off the arc, exudes a very Golden Age feel -- a very deliberate goal according to "Fables" cover artist Joao Ruas -- and sets up the tone of the tale, which sees Ozma and Pinocchio collaborating on the formation of a super group consisting of various Fable characters. "Fables" #103 begins the tribute covers with a reimagining of the classic Superman image from the first issue of the "Man of Steel" miniseries by John Bryne and Dick Giordano. Finally, fans of the JLI should recognize the homage to "Justice League" #1 by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire gracing the front of #104.

Along with the covers, Graphic Content shared an interior page from "Fables" #102 and a few words from editor Shelly Bond, who both acknowledges initial fan reactions and eases their concerns.

"My initial reaction was probably similar to yours: WTF?!?! But then Bill offered up an explanation. It's a sendup to 1950 comic books--sort of. In classic Willingham style, Bill wanted to do a storyline that was nothing that any Fables fan could see coming. What else could you do post 101 issues but give readers something truly unexpected? But trust me -- it's more than Ozma's big idea to form a super team to ward off evil powers. There are relationship troubles galore involving Beauty and the Beast and their new bundle of joy (?), Snow White and Bigby and even some reappearances by characters long forgotten and abhorred."

"Fables" #102, the opening chapter of "Super Group," hits stores on Wednesday, February 16.

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