'Fables #6' Overships

Press Release

As the heat continues to increase for the critically-acclaimed VERTIGO

series FABLES, DC Comics is pleased to announce a free 50% overship of

FABLES #6 (AUG020287). This issue is scheduled to reach comic book stores on October 9. This is based on initial orders only.

This issue sees the beginning of the new 5-part story arc "Animal Farm," featuring pencils by Mark Buckingham. Buckingham joins regular writer and series creator Bill Willingham, inker Steve Leialoha and cover painter James Jean for this story.

"With all the great critical buzz and positive word of mouth out there

right now, reader interest in FABLES is definitely on the upswing," says Vince Letterio, DC's Manager - Direct Sales. "The overship will give retailers the opportunity to introduce more of their customers to the series."

And coming on December 11 is FABLES: LEGENDS IN EXILE (OCT020817), a

128-page trade paperback that collects FABLES #1-5, the first four of which are sold out at DC. These issues are written with predatory wit by Bill Willingham, with art by Lan Medina, Steve Leialoha and Craig Hamilton, and the original series covers by James Jean and Alex Maleev. This collection also includes a new FABLES prose story by Willingham - with picture book-style illustrations also by Willingham - and a new, painted cover by James Jean.

"I'm far too happy with the extra effort the folks at DC/VERTIGO are making to support FABLES, from promotions to the fast turnaround on the first trade to the overship on issue #6," says Willingham. "They're clearly going above and beyond the usual efforts. Of course there's still room for improvement - they still won't lend me the company jet, even though I promised to promote the book wherever I make them fly me."

FABLES #6 (AUG020287) is a 32-page comic book suggested for mature readers with an in store date of October 9. FABLES: LEGENDS IN EXILE is a 128-page trade paperback solicited in the October Previews (Volume XII, #10) with an in store date of December 11.

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