Fables #55 - "Aren't they all?"

This week's Fables #55 is an excellent use of the classic "imaginary story" format that was so popular at DC during the 50s and 60s. The issue, written by Bill Willingham (with excellet artwork by Mark Buckingham and Steve Yeowell) depicts what would happen if the bad guys attacked the human race. The result is a tightly-written, imaginative imaginary tale that still manages to progress the overall plot of the book forward, which is truly an impressive feat.

The current storyline is a response of the bad guys (led by the Advesary, who we have learned is the calmly sadistic Geppetto) to the actions of Bigby Wolf in #50. Recently, we heard the Snow Queen's plans for how they would destroy the world of the Fables (and the world of the "mundies" as well, which is their term for us lowly humans). Well, in this issue, Pinocchio details how her plan would go over if implented - leading to the story, which is Pinocchio's version of what would unfold if they DID attack our world.

It's an intriguing, action-packed look at what Willingham would think the strategy of the Fables and the humans would be if they were attacked.

The war scenes are drawn by Buckingham and Yeowell extremely well, but the real highlight is the small touches that Willingham adds - the political nuances, like the idea of soldiers taking over kingdoms, or how this would ease tensions on Earth, because every country can do whatever they want in the Fable lands!!

It is clever, and the response of Geppetto and the Snow Queen to Pinocchio's description (and Willingham has the nice touch of making Pinocchio be under a spell, so he HAS to tell the truth) of events is clever and chilling at the same time.

The quick glimpses of life in Fabletown is interesting, and there is yet another fun back-up story, this time featuring the Three Blind Mice, with very nice Inaki Miranda artwork.


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