'Fables #1' sell-out adds to heat for new Vertigo series

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Since its debut on May 8, the new VERTIGO series FABLES has been met with enthusiasm from readers, retailers, and critics alike. Now, DC is pleased to announce that the first issue of the series is sold out at the publisher.

Readers who want to pick up on this hot new series need not despair, though, as the entire first issue may be read online at DCComics.com/Fables/index.html.

"I want as few impediments as possible towards creating lots of loyal FABLES readers, so I'm happy DC is posting the complete first issue online for everyone to see, and more importantly to read," says Bill Willingham, writer/creator of FABLES. "With the first issue sold out, this will encourage anyone who missed it to pick up the second issue and so on without being hopelessly left behind by the story in progress."

FABLES #1, written and created by Bill Willingham, with art by Lan Medina and Steve Leialoha and variant covers by James Jean and Alex Maleev, features fairy tale characters living in exile from their respective homelands and forced to take up secret residence in modern day New York City. When Rose Red goes missing and is presumed murdered, it's up to Deputy Mayor Snow White and Bigby Wolf, Fabletown's one-man police force, to sniff out whodunnit. Can the reluctant partners solve the mystery of Rose Red's murder without killing one another in the process? The answers lie in FABLES #5, solicited in the July issue of Previews (Volume XII, #7)with an in store date of September 11.

With FABLES #6, penciller Mark Buckingham joins Willingham, Leialoha and Jean for the 5-part story arc "Animal Farm." After Rose Red's murder has been solved and the guilty parties have been punished, Fabletown's Deputy Mayor Snow White is left physically exhausted and spiritually drained. So she decides to personally drive one errant Colin Piggy back up to the Farm, the remote, upstate annex where the non-human Fables reside. But something wicked is brewing in upstate New York...

FABLES #6 is solicited in the August issue of Previews (Volume XII, #8), with an in-store date of October 9.

Here's what the critics are saying about FABLES:* "[Willingham's] juxtaposition of old stories through the eyes ofmodern society is clever and entertaining." - Fourth Rail

* "Willingman's script is filled with imagination, ably brought to life by Lan Medina's artwork." - Comic Book Galaxy

* "...instantly compelling, more than enough to make us come back each month." - Cinescape.com

* "...a strong addition to VERTIGO's stable, and one that every fanshould take a look at." - Snap Judgments

* "Best described in one word: fun." - Critiques on Infinite Earths* "A real success" - Icomics.com

In addition, the July issue of Wizard lists FABLES in its "Heat Index" column. The magazine plans a feature on FABLES for issue #133, in stores on August 28.

"The success of FABLES #1 is tremendously encouraging but no surprise to those of us who read the first few issues before they were released," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "We urge retailers to look at their orders and consider increases on upcoming issues, as this series is clearly gaining momentum."

"After reading the first issue from DC's Sneak Peek, I immediately placed a reorder," says Matt Lehman of Comicopia. "I also gave it a good plug in our weekly email newsletter and posted the cover on our Delphi forum. Our sales were impressive, so it seems my enthusiasm rubbed off on my customers. It looks like VERTIGO has another hit!"

Todd Martinez of Comic Relief says, "It's a really good read - I'manticipaiting the next issue!"

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