Fabian Nicieza's Five Favorite Teen Titans Issues

Fabian Nicieza is re-visiting the Pre-Flashpoint DC Universe with his Convergence: Titans series (the first issue came out earlier this week). As Fabian looks to the past for the writing of this new project, I thought it would be interesting for him to look back at his history with the Teen Titans as a reader. So here are five of Fabian's favorite issues of Teen Titans. Everything from this point on is Fabian's recollections of five of his favorite Teen Titans issues.

1. Teen Titans (Vol.1) #14

I bought the back issue when I was older because I remembered the cover from when I was little. I loved the Robin character and Nick Cardy's cover was great. The story isn't something I hold near and dear, but the memory of a comic I really wanted to get on the racks but wasn't allowed to buy stuck to me like barnacle until I was older and able to get the book!

2. New Teen Titans (Vol.1) #1

The relaunch by Marv Wolfman and George Perez was pretty much everything a fan of the characters could have hoped for. They gained a legitimacy long denied them and ranked up there as the best mainstream superhero comic alongside X-Men for years to come.

3. Tales of the New Teen Titans #42

The Judas Contract begins, and I think it holds up as one of the best superhero story lines ever. Perfectly set up by years of previous stories, it also benefits from pitch perfect pacing and drama that had longtime readers of the book at the end of their seats. I was one year away from a job at Marvel and a few years away from trying to put all the lessons I learned from reading this excellent run by two excellent creators into my own work on New Warriors.

4. New Teen Titans (Vol.1) #39

Dick Grayson begins the process of outgrowing his Robin identity and becoming Nightwing. Since Dick Grayson had been my favorite superhero character since I was about 6 years old, I loved how the evolution and maturation of the character was handled.

5. Teen Titans (Vol.3) #17

The Titans of tomorrow storyline started here and it was a great job of tying together all of the exciting character stuff and thematic things Geoff Johns and Mike McKone had done to relaunch the series

Thanks, Fabian!

Be sure to check out his Convergence: Titans series! And check back here next week when Fabian looks back on some of his favorite Superboy stories!

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