Fabian Nicieza's Five Favorite Justice League Issues

Fabian Nicieza is re-visiting the Justice League Detroit era of the Justice League with his Convergence: Justice League America series (the first issue came out earlier this week). As Fabian looks to the past for the writing of this new project, I thought it would be interesting for him to look back at his history with Superboy as a reader. So here are five of Fabian's favorite issues of Justice League. Everything from this point on is Fabian's recollections of five of his favorite Justice League issues.

1. Justice League of America #200

My favorite issue of JLA ever and one of the best "anniversary issues" ever, I think. Great story by Gerry Conway, great art by George Perez and a host of guest-artists doing different chapters and pin-ups. This felt like a huge, big, important story that was also fun and a perfect homage to the previous 199 issues of the title.

2. Justice League of America #100

Not the first issue of JLA I owned, but my favorite to that point. I thought #100 was an important issue to get, but I loved Len Wein and Dick Dillin's story, which began the annual Earth-2 crossover by including the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

3. Justice League of America #185

The conclusion of a fun storyline by Gerry Conway and George Perez that involved the New Gods in the annual JLA/JSA crossover. Just pure fun stuff!

4. Justice League of America #233

The Detroit JLA began here after debuting in Justice League of America Annual #2 and although a lot of readers hated it, I loved it just for the sheer cojones it took for Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton to do this.

Was Vibe lame? Yes. But look at him rock that costume on that cover!

5. Justice League (Vol.1) #1

I didn't like it at the time, because I was all stupid "superheroes should be serious just like Alan Moore says" even though I was also too stupid to realize that wasn't what Alan Moore was saying!

This was, in hindsight, a big, bold move by DC that paid off in a huge way for them. The fact my very good friend for nearly 30 years, Kevin Maguire, made his monthly comic debut here and took the industry by storm only cements the importance of this issue.

Thanks, Fabian!

Be sure to check out his Convergence: Justice League America series! Plus the second issues of all of his other Convergence mini-series.

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