<I>Eyeshield 21</I> manga-ka Yuusuke Murata serializes manga short

We've seen comic creators take to twitter like mad as witnessed in CBR's Comic Twitter Directory, but a popular manga cartoonist from Japan is taking it to a whole new level. Manga artist Yusuke Murata posted installments of a short manga story on his togetter account (the Japanese version of Twitter) over the course of seven days starting Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Starring the cartoonist himself, this off-the-cuff creation pits the manga-ka against all sorts of obstacles using inventive techniques such as lighting on the paper and even folding (as seen at right) to bring a unique experience not replicable to printed comics you'd see in a book.

For American audiences, Murata is best known for Eyeshield 21 which just finished American publication via Viz last October. His current manga, Donton Prism Solar Car has yet to be officially translated for English-speaking audiences.

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