Eye candy overload!

I've got to hand it to Comics Alliance/Moviefone blogger (and CBR alumnus) Andy Khouri: Late last week, he assembled two absolutely stunning image galleries for his readers' delectation. First up, over on CA, he put together the first of what he promises will be a his latest weekly look at the "Best Art Ever (This Week)", an extensive selection of cool artwork -- some old, some new, some fan, some pro -- from around the Internet. Highlights in this week's batch include the above Scott Pilgrim pin-up by Bryan Lee O'Malley, Wonder Woman and her invisible jet by Mike Allred, a steampunk version of The Lord of the Rings' Witch-King by Max Arkes, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Gilbert Hernandez (!!!!!!).

And on CA's AOL sister site Moviefone, Khouri kicked off a put together the latest installment in a similar weekly feature with a gallery of the incredible movie poster art of Tyler Stout, the go-to artist for Austin's legendary Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Stout's movie-nerd-friendly offerings include The Big Lebowski, The Monster Squad, The Lost Boys, The Thing, The Road Warrior, Inglourious Basterds, Big Trouble in Little China, Lost, Let the Right One In, RoboCop, Total Recall, the Star Wars Trilogy...wait, is this a list of the art you'll find in the gallery, or am I just rattling off my DVD collection? Fortunately for me, it's both! Feast your eyes, folks.

[UPDATE: As you can see from the strikethrough text above, turns out both these features have been ongoing for some time. More's the pity I'm only tuning in now! Thanks to Colin Panetta for the correction.]

Strikeforce #4

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