"Extraordinary X-Men" #11 Reveals [SPOILER]'s Role In "Apocalypse Wars"

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Extraordinary X-Men" #11, on sale now.

"Extraordinary X-Men" #11 marks the fourth chapter of the title's "Apocalypse Wars" storyarc. So far we've seen Storm's team of X-Men whisked away to the far-flung year 3167 in search of their teammate Colossus, a small group of students and an arc containing 600 mutant embryos. Upon arriving in the future, the X-Men learned that their students had been left to fend for themselves for a year and Colossus had been transformed into a Horseman of Apocalypse.

The X-Men's battle against Colossus and his Horsemen has been an intense one, with the X-Men doing everything they can to recover the arc and hopefully give the mutant race back a future stolen by the deadly Terrigen Mist. Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Humberto Ramos have utilized many elements of the X-villain Apocalypse's mythos for their "Apocalypse Wars" story, while steering clear of En Sabah Nur himself.

Until this issue.

While Storm and Nightcrawler search the temple for the arc, they eventually teleport into Apocalypse's presence. This future version of Apocalypse may look frail, but he's actually bigger than ever before; the villain reveals that his armor has grown to include all of Omega World -- the very foundation upon which Earth's remnants stand. His Horsemen are no longer just his followers, they are also his antibodies and act to repel invading "germs" like the X-Men. To harm Apocalypse would harm the planet and endanger the lives of the X-Men. But once Nightcrawler learns that Apocalypse has destroyed the arc and the embryos inside it, he impulsively exacts his revenge -- stabbing Apocalypse through the chest and sending Omega World crumbling into ruin.

The concluding chapter of "Apocalypse Wars," "Extraordinary X-Men" #12, arrives on July 27.

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