Extermination: Every Major Change Made to the X-Men


The X-Men are no strangers to memorable Marvel event series, from the "Dark Phoenix Saga" to "X-Cutioner's Song." Each story arc left a lasting impact on the mutants of the Marvel Universe, for better and for worse. The newest event, Extermination, follows this trend by drastically changing the landscape of the X-Men franchise by delivering shocking deaths and surprise resurrections.

Extermination set out to finally send the five time-displaced, original younger X-Men back to their proper place in the timeline. Of course, it couldn't be as simple as Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Angel leaving the present day and things going back to normal. No, Extermination had to involve even more time-travelers, new characters and status quo changes.

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If you had a hard time keeping track of everything that went down in Extermination #5, then you're in luck. We've taken the time to compile a list of every major change to come from the finale of Extermination and what they all mean for the X-Men going forward.

The Original X-Men Go Back To The Future (Past)

What began in All-New X-Men #1 in 2012 finally came to an end in Extermination #5. Determined to show Cyclops how different he was than the young man who first learned under Professor Charles Xavier, Beast plucked the teenage X-Men from the past and brought them to the current day. While the original X-Men were shocked to meet their older counterparts, their presence wasn't enough to deter Cyclops from being a martyr for mutantkind.

The younger X-Men tried to return home on numerous occasions, with time itself fighting them along the way. The actions of Ahab and the younger Cable (jokingly referred to as Kid Cable) left the time-displaced X-Men with no choice but to finally head back to the past where they belong. However, every memory they collected during their time in the present remained by being transferred to their older selves, preserving their adventures so they wouldn't be erased from existence.

Young Iceman Goes Back In The Closet

One of the major developments to come out of writer Brian Michael Bendis' run on All-New X-Men was the reveal of Iceman being gay. The time-displaced Bobby Drake admitting he was gay was enough for the adult Iceman to finally accept who he is, and was a moment X-Men fans had waited decades for.

But for the X-Men to reset the timeline upon their arrival in the past, they needed to wipe their minds so they wouldn't remember everything that had happened to them. We mentioned earlier how the older X-Men were given these wiped memories, but the one negative is it did make the time-travelers revert back to how they were before Adult Beast showed up -- and in the young Iceman's case, that meant hiding his sexual preference once again.

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Many readers took offense to Marvel forcing Iceman back to his previous status quo after such a major change was made to the character, even though the older Iceman still identifies as a gay man. Though the in-story reasoning made sense, it was still a tough pill to swallow for some fans.

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