Extermination: Identities and Powers of Mystery Mutant Kids, Revealed

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Extermination #3 by Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale Wednesday, September 26.

There are many mysteries wrapped in Marvel's latest X-Men event, Extermination, from what will happen to the time-displaced original X-Men, to how a young Cable could murder older Cable. However, one unsolved mystery that fans may have overlooked concerns two mutant children introduced in Extermination #1.

Both boy and girl could be twins, with each sporting colorless skin tones and hair, the children were rescued by the X-Men Blue team when an anti-mutant bigot attempted to attack them. The kids would be taken to the Xavier Institute, where Kitty Pryde tried to find some background information on them to find and contact their parents.

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The mutant kids would fall into the background as the mutant-hunter Ahab arrived from the future and killed Bloodstorm, along with Cable's death and the kidnappings of the younger Iceman, Angel and Mimic. The latest threat comes right to the X-Men's doorstep when Ahab and his hounds attack the Xavier Institute, resulting in Old Man Logan being converted into a mind-controlled hound.

When current-day Beast questions Ahab on how he was able to turn Old Man Logan into a hound so quickly, Ahab reveals the mutant siblings, named Maxime and Manon, were double agents working for him.

Along with revealing their identities, Ahab explains how Maxime and Manon's mutant powers work -- Maxime can manipulate emotions while Manon implants psychic bombs. So for Ahab, all he had to do was set up a scenario where the kids would be under the X-Men's care, and then allow their mutant powers to make the X-Men calm for the implanting of false memories to speed up the hound torture process.

"Like an anesthesiologist and a surgeon," Ahab says to describe his two young pawns. With this revelation out of the way, it still doesn't explain why Ahab chose here and now to attack the X-Men? Why not stick to his time period of the future? Does his presence have anything to do with the Original Five X-Men not going back home? And if the hound process can't be reversed, what does that mean for Old Man Logan? Or will his healing ability eventually kick in to help him fight off the influence? One thing we do know is Extermination #3 has plenty of questions to answer.

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