Extermination: Could Jean Grey Be Joining X-Force Permanently?

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Extermination #2 by Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia and Joe Sabino, in stores now.

Extermination has been billed as the final chapter of the Original Five X-Men's trip to the present. In 2013, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Stuart Immonen traveled to the Marvel Universe's past in All-New X-Men #1, bringing young Cylcops, Beast, Angel, Iceman and Jean Grey to the present, in the hopes that they could see the dire circumstances of the present and change the course of the past. However, 5 years later the Original Five are still among the current cast of the X-Men. The characters have found a place for themselves, but now their absence from the past has started catching up with them.

In Extermination, the time-traveling Ahab shows up in the present with his fearsome Hounds on a leash, hunting down the young mutants. But he's not the only one: A young version of Cable has already begun collecting the Original Five. In issue #1, he caught Iceman, and in issue #2, he manages to kidnap (and torture) Angel. And to make matters even worse, this young version of Cable found his older, future self -- the fan-favorite Nathan Summers -- and killed him.

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Naturally, all of the X-Men are on red alert, and they swiftly devise a plan to protect the Original Five. But young Jean Grey has a plan of her own; in Extermination #2, she joins the ranks of X-Force -- something that could potentially change everything.

Extermination Jean Grey joins X-Force

Following the murder of Cable, the former members of the time-traveling mutant's X-Force strike team are appropriately furious. They're out for blood, and their need for vengeance seems to take precedence over the mission of protecting the Original Five. But what none of them expected is for young Jean Grey join their ranks.

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After the devastating losses the X-Men have suffered, Jean changes course and opts to join the ranks of the team that is known to be lethal. She knows exactly what she's doing, standing alongside Domino, Warpath, Shatterstar, Boom Boom and Cannonball. All of these characters are tied to Cable, and Jean knows very well that they will be proactive in their mission to stop the mutant's younger, murderous counterpart.

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