Experience The History Of "Age of X"

Sometimes for comic fans, spending so much time on the internet can payoff in a big way.

Over the past month, eagle-eyed readers of Marvel Comics' X-Men franchise have been able to track down teasers for the upcoming "Age of X" event, which begins in earnest on January 26 in the "Age of X Alpha" one-shot before running through the pages of "X-Men: Legacy" and "New Mutants." By using unique QR Codes placed on the "Age of X" house ads that ran throughout December, dedicated readers were given an advance glimpse at the alternate present writer Mike Carey concocted for the story.

CBR News already highlighted the hard work done by our own message board members last month as early images of Phoenix and the Sentinels were found, but today we're happy to say we've rounded up all five images in one location to prepare fans for what's to come.

For more on "Age of X," be sure to check out CBR's initial interview with Carey on the project as well as our ongoing AGE OF X COMMUNIQUÉS highlighting the different versions of your favorite mutants that will appear in the story.

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