Experience the Adventure of "Jack Hunter: G.I. Spy"

They say that patience is a virtue. Well, if that's the case, then Andrew Cosby and Matt Haley may be two of the most virtuous creators in comics!

A while back CBR News first told you about a new concept called "G.I. Spy" from Cosby and Haley. At the time of the article's publication the plan was to get the title in to store at the end of that year, but sadly that didn't materialize. A "G.I. Spy" ashcan was made availalbe at summer conventions and a five-page preview was printed in a Komikwerks anthology, but outside of that "G.I. Spy" laid on the shelf until this Wednesday, when the 15-page preview special "Jack Hunter: G.I. Spy Eyes Only Preview" is released by Atomeka.

"'G.I. Spy' is a 'behind-the-lines' story which follows America's first counter intelligence agent as he uncovers Hitler's secret 'Wonder weapons' program, which if left unchecked could give the Nazis the edge and allow them to actually win World War II--and rule the world," series artist Matt Haley told CBR News. "It's basically 'James Bond-meets-Indiana Jones' with Albert Einstein as 'Q,' a World War II pulp adventure. I think the great thing about this book is that it's about the 'war behind the war.' The idea is, sure the Allies won the war, but if this particular guy hadn't been at the right place at the right time, the Axis would have run roughshod over the world with their bizarre weapons that were (according to legend) just about to be launched near the end of it all.

"Make no mistake, this isn't your average, run-of-the-mill war story," series writer Andrew Cosby told CBR News. "What we tried to do was take a really interesting look at what was really going on in World War II (the atomic race for instance) and mix it with a sense of pulp action and high adventure. That way, you get the perfect blend of fact and fantasy. After all, everyone already knows what a WWII battlefield looks like. But do they know what a German UFO, a Tesla Ray or a Nazi rocketrooper look like? Probably not. That's where our story comes in."

Later today a trailer for the book will be released on the recently launched G.I. Spy Web site.

For those interested in seeing more "G.I. Spy" action, you're in luck. A three-issue mini-series is set to launch this Summer, published by Boom! Studios, the new publishing company from ex-Atomeka partner Ross Richie. The first issue will be solicited in the May preview catalog to ship in July. Each issue will be 22 pages with new covers and interior art by Haley. Issue #1 will use some of the art seen in the preview book, but will have mostly new art with a bonus "retro-tech" blueprint page. They're also currently negotiating for foreign editions of "G.I. Spy."

For more from Andrew Cosby, see our chat with the writer about "Damn Nation" out now from Dark Horse Comics.

CBR News is proud to offer up the entire fifteen pages of the preview online for readers to check out. For those who like the more tactile experience of holding the comic in their own hands, plus a look at a handful of character sketches, visit your local comic shop this Wednesday.

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