Expanding The "Arrow"-verse: 5 Spinoffs We Gotta See

With "The Flash" racing toward its Oct. 7 premiere date, the universe currently depicted solely in The CW's hit show "Arrow" will soon double in scope. The two series will share a universe and characters during the upcoming TV season, mirroring the expansive comic book universe that acts as both series' source material. Fans are witnessing the birth of the "Arrow"-verse - and they could see it grow exponentially.

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According to comments made by CW President Mark Pedowitz to AdWeek, "The Flash" might be the first in many "Arrow" spinoffs to hit the airwaves. "What you'll see embedded in 'Flash' and 'Arrow' is that we'll have the ability to test characters out," Pedowitz told AdWeek. "Is there room to grow them into the next show? I cannot tell you yet. There are discussions going on."

What other shows could we see in the "Arrow"-verse? Here are our five top picks.

Birds of Prey

Despite there being a second season episode of "Arrow" titled "Birds of Prey," the show has yet to depict Black Canary and Huntress become partners like their comic book counterparts. Both characters exist on the small screen - Caity Lotz plays Canary and Jessica De Gouw has suited up as Huntress. A spinoff pairing these well-established characters seems like a no-brainer, and twelve years have passed since the previous failed attempt at a BoP television series. The show only needs one more character to round out the trio: Oracle. That word was originally the title of Felicity Smoak's upcoming origin episode, thus leading fans to speculate that Oliver Queen's tech genius would take over the role filled by ex-Batgirl Barbara Gordon in the comics. The episode's title has been changed ("The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"), which means a "Birds of Prey" show might still be able to introduce a Babs Oracle after all.

The Atom

We haven't even seen Brandon Routh don a labcoat to portray Ray Palmer yet, and we already think he'd make a great leading man. The character will debut in "Arrow's" third season as the head scientist of Queen Consolidated, which implies that he does not yet have the size-changing powers of his comic book counterpart, the Atom. Barry Allen also entered "Arrow's" second season without his powers, and he left that season with a super hero origin story and a spinoff series. The same could happen for Palmer, and casting a known actor like the former Superman sure makes it seem like the character is being groomed to hold his own in prime time. Warner Bros. might even want to beat Marvel to the pint-sized punch by introducing their own diminutive crime-fighter before Marvel's "Ant-Man" hits theaters.


Like Brandon Routh, Rila Fukushima is also an actor with a comic book role on their resume that will be playing a leading DC character in "Arrow's" third season. The "Wolverine" actress will play Tatsu Yamashiro, also known in the DC Universe as the martial arts master Katana. The swordswoman recently held down an ongoing series for ten issues, which increased her profile in the New 52 significantly. Fukushima kicked all sorts of ass last year as Yukio -- a fighter every bit as skilled as her partner Wolverine. If a Katana show means getting that level of action on a weekly basis, we are sold. And if Katana can't carry her own show, she could always join a "Birds of Prey" spinoff.

Blue & Gold

Neither Blue Beetle nor Booster Gold has yet to appear on "Arrow," but that hasn't prevented us from straining our hands to keep all 10 fingers crossed. Blue Beetle's alter ego has been all over "Arrow," though, with mentions to Kord Industries popping up in numerous episodes. Booster Gold has also been on "Arrow" producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg's brains for years; SyFy tapped the pair to develop a pilot centered on Booster back in 2011. Further developments have yet to materialize for "Booster Gold," but that might be because Berlanti and Kreisberg have plans for him on "Arrow" or "The Flash." No matter which network or show these guys show up on, television needs Blue Beetle and Booster Gold's epic friendship depicted in live action on a weekly basis.

Suicide Squad

Whereas the "Arrow" episode titled "Birds of Prey" failed to include the titular team, "Suicide Squad" delivered on its promise and could potentially be seen as a backdoor pilot for a spinoff show. The episode introduced Amanda Waller and her A.R.G.U.S. backed group of ruthless operatives: Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Harbinger and Shrapnel. Shrapnel didn't make it out of the episode alive, as Waller triggered the failsafe bomb in his head when he tried to escape. The rest of these charismatic and take-no-prisoners anti-heroes could easily form the backbone of a solid ensemble drama. And if they need another expendable warm body to round out the ranks, Captain Boomerang will make his debut on "Arrow" this season.

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