Exiles Writer Explains the Team's Cartoony Baby Wolverine


Last week, Marvel announced the return of Exiles, the 2001 comic that brought together Marvel characters from different timelines and realities to correct problems in the multiverse. This time around, the cast will include Blink, an older version of current Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan, and Iron Lad (a version of Kang the Conqueror from the future).

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Of course, one of the more surprising additions to the team is a tiny version of Wolverine, appropriately referred to as "Wolvie." This left some readers a bit confused, so writer Saladin Ahmed took to Twitter to share some information on the decades old character.

As Ahmed makes clear, Wolvie isn't a wholly new character. In Marvel continuity, he's technically a creation of Veech, the rival of recurring X-Men villain Mojo, and Mojo himself. Whereas Mojo created the sickeningly cute X-Babies by de-aging them to kids back in 1986, Veech later created a show meant to be even more disgustingly cute: the Adorable X-Babies, who lived in Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters.

Unlike the other Exile members, who have grown up in violent worlds and long accepted that to be their reality, Wolvie has not. When he gets plucked out of his pristine, innocent environment to deal with darker worlds, he's going to have to learn how to cope with a massive shift in his personal reality.

Exiles will be written by Ahmed with art by Javier Rodriguez, Jordan Bellaire, and Alvaro Lopes. The premiere issue arrives on Apr. 11.

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