Exiles #3

For those arriving late to the party, Morph does a great job with the setup on the "Previously . . ." page. Catch a preview of "Exiles" right here to get an idea of what Morph has to say. For those of you returning, the action picks up where it left off, certain to make for smooth reading in any future collected edition that this book may achieve. On its own merit, however, this book does plunge right into the action.

Sent to a world to depose Magneto, this group of Exiles doesn't follow the standard pattern and hasn't excelled in the mission to this point. Of course the team manages to escape from their captors and in so doing we are introduced to more interpretations of familiar characters. That, to me, is one of the charming aspects of the "Exiles" title, but there needs to be a strong story to support the menagerie of "new" characters we meet during the course of a standard story.

Parker does a decent job of setting characters straight, but his plot wears a little thin around all of the characters. Granted the method through which the Exiles attain their freedom is not completely predictable, nor is the conclusion of this issue, but neither come as a surprise.

The art is capably rendered by Casey Jones, alongside Salva Espin. Espin renders the last four pages. The jump in art is boosted by a story jump and sets the next issue up quite nicely. So nicely, in fact, that we are given the credits for the next issue right here on the last page of this issue. An odd choice that, but if you're a fan who follows artists (or a reviewer who makes note of artists) it bears mentioning that Casey Jones will be back on for next issue, with Karl Kesel (where's he been hiding?) on inks.

Summarily, "Exiles" offers a nice peek into other worlds with tangibly familiar characters. Parker is a master of the recap page that Marvel employs, so every issue is approachable to new readers and this series in particular has a more relaxed feel making it readable for comic fans of all ages.

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