Executive Assistant: Iris #5

Story by
Art by
Eduardo Francisco
Colors by
John Starr
Aspen Comics

Secretary. Bodyguard. Assassin.  The Executive Assistant is all of the above rolled into one. Enter EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS!

The penultimate fifth issue of Aspen¹s newest action adventure series, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS, finds Iris torn between feelings of loyalty to her employer and a rapidly growing conscience. But, pushed to the breaking point and forced to tie up one last "loose end² after all the carnage she's already caused, Iris comes to realize that SHE is the one being hunted - and is now left wondering who her friends and enemies really are.

From the creative minds of David Wohl and Michael Turner, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS delivers the thrills unlike anything you¹ve ever seen!

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