EXCLUSIVE: Youngblood #8 Obama Cover

Image Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at the cover of "Youngblood" #8, featuring U.S. President Elect Barack Obama. On sale in February, the issue contains a back-up story written and drawn by Rob Liefeld that depicts Obama putting together a new Youngblood team.

"Obama re-instating the program with his picks is a natural, with 'Savage Dragon' having featured Obama already," Liefeld told CBR. "And with 'Youngblood' having George H. W. Bush in its past, as well as a Saddam Hussein styled guy and Youngblood featured alongside Dan Quayle in 'Wildcats,' Bill Clinton in 'Supeme,' Image has a long history of involving presidential characters!"

This story leads into "Youngblood" #9, a story called "First Strike" wherein the White House is attacked and Obama is "a bit of an action hero."

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Writer: Joe Casey, Rob Liefeld

Artist: Derec Donovan, Rob Liefeld

On sale: February

President Obama picks new Youngblood team! A new day has dawned in America and for Youngblood that means a brand new direction under the executive direction of the new Commander-In -Chief! Who stays, who goes? Only Obama knows for sure! Rob Liefeld returns to the helm on story and art as Youngblood prepares for an all new direction in 09!

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