EXCLUSIVE: Magneto Attacks In X-Men Gold #14 Preview


Mojo's latest attack on the X-Men continues in X-Men Gold #14, and we have your exclusive first look at what writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Marc Laming have in store for Kitty Pryde's team of mutant heroes.

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After forcing the X-Men to revisit their "greatest hits" by reshaping reality around them to resemble "Days of Future Past” and “The Asgardian Wars," Mojo has sent Marvel's merry mutants to Asteroid M, where they've come face to face with Magneto -- or, at least, a pretty reasonable and powerful facsimile. Joining the team is a long-lost friend in Longshot, who's currently running his own pirate station by piggybacking off of Mojo's signal, much to the inter-dimensional despot's chagrin.

X-Men Gold #14, the latest chapter in the Marvel Legacy "Mojo Worldwide" storyline, arrives in stores Wednesday, Oct. 18. Check out CBR's exclusive preview, along with the issue's official solicitation text, below.


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