EXCLUSIVE: X-Force Prepares to Fight the Future... in the Future

Cable hasn't been having the best time in X-Force. The mutant leader was abducted by Stryfe in the previous issue, which also saw much of X-Force defeated. Stryfe took Cable into the deep future, but we didn't see anything of Cable's predicament after that. Well, a preview for X-Force #7 reveals what Cable has been up to, and it's a whole lot of bad.

Imprisoned 2,000 years in the future, Cable is being tortured using the oldest trick in the book. Stryfe has applied a power dampening collar to the mutant, disabling his telekinetic powers and enabling the techno-organic virus that has long been his bane to spread. Stryfe goes on to prove how serious he is about locating the Clan Askani by killing off Flintshard.

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The preview also touches on Domino and Deathlok, still smarting from their defeat in the previous issue. Domino is eager to take the fight to the future, but Deathlok reminds her that fixing a time machine is no simple matter, especially when the machine is "like a door that can only be unlocked from the other side."

X-Force #7 goes on sale May 8. Ed Brisson writes the issue. Dylan Burnett provides art. Pepe Larraz illustrates the cover.

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