EXCLUSIVE: Wood's "The Massive" Continues, Solicits & Covers Revealed

When Brian Wood and Garry Brown's "The Massive" failed to appear in the past two Dark Horse Comics solicitations, fans were worried about what that might mean for the series Wood has said was slated for a thirty-issue run.

However, CBR has confirmed the series has not been canceled, and kicks off a 3-issue arc beginning with "The Massive" #16 in September. Dark Horse has provided CBR with covers for "The Massive" #16, #17 & #18 by artist J.P. Leon, along with the solicit information for #16. Below that, we also have an exclusive preview of "The Massive" #14 which goes on sale July 24.

The Massive #16

Writer: Brian Wood

Penciller: Garry Brown

Inker: Garry Brown

Colorist: Dave Stewart

Cover: J.P. Leon

On Sale: 9/25/13

Whale Wars! In the rugged North Sea, the crew of the Kapital come across a rogue group of whalers, persistently hunting despite the realities of the Crash. When Callum Israel and his crew intervene, they come face to face with centuries of tradition and what is referred to as the "old ways."

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