EXCLUSIVE: Wood & Anka's "X-Men" Face Ghosts in New Story Arc

Monday's All-New Marvel Now teaser from Marvel Comics promised a "Resurrection" in February 2014 from writer Brian Wood and artist Kris Anka, and CBR News can exclusively reveal what project the image was promoting: A new three-issue story arc titled "Ghosts," starting in "X-Men" #10.NOW.

While it's not yet exactly clear what "Resurrection" has to do with the arc, it is known that the new Sisterhood -- introduced in "Muertas," the arc starting with this month's "X-Men" #7 -- are involved. While Lady Deathstrike's presence was revealed this past July at Comic-Con International, Typhoid Mary and Enchantress are both also part of the group -- neither characters typically associated with the X-books. The group doesn't start there, with an unnamed powerful villain -- "the most powerful of them all," according to Marvel -- sought out by the Sisterhood, described as "an enemy who holds the X-Men responsible for her almost-destruction." (The "Muertas" story arc, originally solicited six-issues, has been broken up into two three-parters -- "Muertas" and "Ghosts.")

Set your speculation accordingly, and keep reading CBR for more on All-New Marvel NOW!.

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