EXCLUSIVE: Logan Plans His Escape in Wolverine: Infinity Watch #4

The past few years have been somewhat confusing for fans of Wolverine. For some time, the mutant berserker was considered dead. This didn't keep him from occasionally showing up in comics, though, wielding an Infinity Stone nonetheless. Then there's the matter of the future version of Logan who possesses the Phoenix Force somewhere at the end of time.

The Wolverine: Infinity Watch series is currently in the process of parsing out each of these Logans via the proxy Hector Bautista, the death row inmate who was fused with the Time Stone after the events of Infinity Wars. Presently, most every Marvel villain has it out for Hector, as they want to rip the Infinity Stone from his body. The latest crew to capture him is the lethal Fraternity of Raptors. Even worse, they're in the process of burning Logan alive to get at his Adamantium bones.

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While Loki secures his ace in the hole, Bats the ghost dog does his best to help Wolverine out of his fiery situation. The preview ends with Logan asking bats to "fetch the stick," which may very well be the Time Bat Phoenix Force Logan bequeathed to the younger version of himself at the start of the series.


  • Things are heating up for Logan as he and Loki try to protect the new guardians of Infinity…
  • 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99
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