Exclusive: Wil Wheaton Recalls Meeting Gene Roddenberry in <i>Trek Nation</i> Clip

Ahead of the Tuesday release of the Trek Nation Special Edition DVD, Roddenberry Entertainment has provided Comic Book Resources with an exclusive clip from the documentary of fan-favorite actor Wil Wheaton reminiscing with Rod Roddenberry about meeting his father Gene Roddenberry during a disastrous third audition for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Everybody kept telling me, 'You're going to meet Gene Roddenberry, you're going to meet Gene Roddenberry,' and it was like, 'You're going to meet Jesus, you're going to meet Jesus, don't fuck up, don't fuck up,'" Wheaton recalls. "It was really, like, from my agents, from my parents [...] they were like, 'Don't blow it, don't blow it, don't blow it.' So I went up and I was like, 'Don't blow it, don't blow it,' -- oop! -- I blew it."

Trek Nation, which details Rod Roddenberry's journey across America to discover his father through his friends, his work and his legacy, includes interviews with Star Trek actors, writers and fans, as well as figures who point to Gene Roddenberry's influence on them (among them, George Lucas, Stan Lee, Seth MacFarlane and J.J. Abrams).

The two-disc special edition, which features extended interviews, a featurette honoring Star Trek fans, home movies from the Roddenberry Estate and an accounting of the genesis of Star Trek, retails for $24.98.

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