EXCLUSIVE: Weapon H Slices & Dices the Wendigo in First Issue Preview


CBR has the exclusive first look at fully-colored artwork from the first issue of Weapon H, an all-new ongoing series from the creative team of Greg Pak and Cory Smith.

During the course of Marvel Comics' recent “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” mini-event, a soldier named Clay was subjected to an experiment that spliced his DNA with samples from Amadeus Cho (the Totally Awesome Hulk) and Wolverine, creating a new-era super-soldier. By the end of the storyline, he had fought numerous Marvel heroes to a draw, and re-asserted himself over the brainwashing the Weapon X program forced on him. Now his own man, he’ll set out to make a name for himself in his own ongoing series.

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In an interview with CBR in late-2017, the character's co-creator (and new series writer) Greg Pak filled CBR in on the reluctant hero's secret origin. "As a Wolverine/Hulk hybrid, Weapon H looks like a marketer’s dream, right? But the character developed organically through the story," Pak told CBR. "Back when we were developing the “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” storyline, we established that the Weapon X scientists were collecting DNA from various mutants to turn people into killing machines. I said, “Well, we’ve got the Hulk in the book now. Seems like they’d want to collect Hulk DNA, too.” Suddenly, we had a Wolverine-Hulk hybrid on our hands."

Check out our preview of Weapon H #1, by Greg Pak and Cory Smith, in the viewer below, and stay tuned to CBR for more on the character and his Marvel Comics future.

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