EXCLUSIVE: Watch the First Four Minutes of Esquire's 'Beowulf' Series

The first four minutes of Esquire's upcoming "Beowulf" TV series -- the second of the network's scripted dramas -- has been exclusively made available to Spinoff Online.

Based on the Old English poem of the same name, "Beowulf" is produced by ITV Studios, with Tim Haines and Katie Newman serving as executive producers, alongside James Dormer (“Strike Back”), the series' showrunner.

Watch the opening few minutes of the series for yourself, below:

Here's the official description for the upcoming series:

The 13-episode, one hour drama will chronicle Beowulf’s return to his home Herot, to make peace with his past. Unwittingly in search of a cause to believe in and a community to fight for, Beowulf finds himself wrongly accused of murder and hunts down the true perpetrator to avenge the death of his fellow kinsmen. Beowulf becomes Herot’s tough but unconventional hero, responsible for upholding the law and protecting the town from danger. The last of a dying breed, Beowulf is a man capable of shaping the world around him by his actions and force of will. While this may seem like a familiar tale, Beowulf unearths the full story of the complicated, driven man behind the lore.

Starring Kieran Bew as the titular character, William Hurt as Hrothgar, Joanne Whalley as Rheda, Ed Speleers as Slean, Laura Donnelly as Elvina and David Ajala as Rate, "Beowulf" premieres Saturday, January 23, at 10 p.m. ET on Esquire.

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