EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: "Fear the Walking Dead's" Strand Wants Better Service

SPOILER WARNING: Minor plot points from the August 28 episode of "Fear the Walking Dead" and the midseason finale, "Shiva," follow.

The midseason premiere of "Fear the Walking Dead" focused almost exclusively on Nick Clark as he limped through the Mexican desert towards Tijuana. The only other main character to appear was his mother, Madison, and even that was just in flashback.

The second episode, "Los Muertos," shows what Madison and Nick's sister, Alicia, along with Strand and Ofelia Salazar are up to. It looks like they've successfully escaped Celia's compound and have wandered into a hotel. There's no sign of Ofelia's father, Daniel, who may or may not have been burned alive back at the compound in the midseason finale, "Shiva." We prefer to think he's alive until we see a dead body, reanimated or otherwise. Watch the clip below.

"Los Muertos" airs this Sunday on AMC at 9 p.m. EST

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