EXCLUSIVE: Valiant Launches "A&A" with Animated Trailer, 10-Page Preview

Valiant Entertainment's classic odd couple are back in a new ongoing series debuting this March, titled "A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong" and from the creative team of writer Rafer Roberts and artist David Lafuente.

In advance of the annual ComicsPRO retailer event starting Thursday in Portland, CBR has the exclusive debut of Valiant's animated trailer promoting the "A&A" series, showing off Lafuente's art, reintroducing the characters (created by comics legend Barry Windsor-Smith and first seen in 1992's "Archer & Armstrong"#0) and establishing the opening arc of the new book: Archer has to go "in the bag" -- Armstrong's "infinite magical satchel" -- to rescue his partner.

Additionally, CBR has an exclusive 10-page preview of "A&A" #1, plus covers by Lafuente, Trevor Hairsine and Kano; along with five teasers introducing the book's main players.

"In my first arc, Archer and Armstrong basically go into Armstrong's bag," Roberts told CBR last fall. "And it's filled with monsters, demons and some old friends and enemies that are trapped inside due to Armstrong's negligence. And a lot of them get out and wreak havoc. Archer, Armstrong and some very special guest stars have to team up and defeat the chaos that Armstrong has caused with his own drunken oafishness."

"A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong" #1 is scheduled for release on March 16.

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