EXCLUSIVE: Unveiling "Archie Meets KISS"

In November, Archie Comics will be asking their fans to get up, move their feet, get down and leave their seats... or some variation there of. It's all a part of the four-part storyline "Archie Meets KISS" running through "Archie" #627-630. Written by Archie Comics' Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing Alex Segura with art by company mainstay Dan Parent.

Today, the publisher shared an exclusive first look at the final two variant covers for the series by artist Francesco Francavilla, which combine to make for one comics musical experience:

Segura spoke to CBR last month, explaining that the project is highly coordinated with the band's frontmen. "Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley] see everything at each stage, so they chime in. It's been pretty smooth sailing, though, and they've been amazingly supportive. It's one of the easiest collaborations of this kind I've ever been a part of."

He also noted that the crossover will contain more than simply the core Archie cast of characters. "When a spell goes wrong, Sabrina and the Archies discover that Riverdale's overrun by a gang of dangerous monsters. Who will help them corral the creatures before they turn everyone into mindless zombies? None other than KISS, who arrive on the scene ready for a fight!"

For more, read the full interview and stay tuned to more Archie news on CBR!

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