EXCLUSIVE: Unboxing Bill Sienkiewicz's Revolution

Considering how important Bill Sienkiewicz's work is to comic book history, it's pretty surprising that the multiple award winning artist has never seen his work collected before. And yet, when Six Foot Press' Bill Sienkiewicz: Revolution arrives later this month, it will mark the first time a publisher has released a retrospective of the artist's career. What's more, it's not the only book celebrating his art; two more will follow, released on a yearly schedule, resulting in a three-volume set.

It was a no brainer  to take the publisher up on its offer to provide CBR with a copy of the high-end hardcover for an unboxing video. After all, Sienkiewicz is a legitimate living legend, an artist whose work revolutionized the industry three decades ago and continues to be as relevant today as he ever was.

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Imagine our surprise, then, when we started shooting the video, only to realize that we weren't sent the book to unbox, but a different-yet-related project: A limited edition box set featuring 40 high-quality reproductions of some of Sienkiewicz's rarely seen sketches, painting, concept art and more.

As you can see in the video, the clamshell set also includes an insert containing Neil Gaiman's foreword from the hardcover, along with the book's interview with Sienkiewicz and an index, breaking down when he produced each piece of art in the set. Each copy, which is limited to 1000 editions, will be numbered and signed by Sienkiewicz. The publisher is promising two more sets in the future, released yearly alongside volumes two and three of the hardcovers.

Both the hardcover and limited edition clamshell set will debut at New York Comic Con, weeks before the official release date. The book (216 pages with 125 full-color images) retails for $49.95, while the print set runs $350. Both will be available only at Booth #2036, and will be in limited quantities.

If you can't make it to New York Comic Con, or if they sell out before you can purchase your copy, the book and print set are available to order at https://sienkiewiczrevolution.com, though it appears that the print set has sold more than half the available copies, so you might want to hurry.

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