EXCLUSIVE: "True Blood - The Great Revelation" Preview

In anticipation of the new HBO vampire series "True Blood," Top Cow Productions will debut at Comic-Con International in San Diego a comic book prelude one-shot to the show called "True Blood: The Great Revelation" by writer David Wohl ("Witchblade," "The Darkness") with art by Jason Badower ("Heroes") with colors by Blond from a story by Brian Cain and Gregg Hale ("The Blair Witch"), and CBR brings you an exclusive preview of the first five pages.

Created by Alan Ball ("Six Feet Under," "American Beauty"), "True Blood" is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris and is set in a world where humans and vampires co-exist thanks to a Japanese-made synthetic blood substitute called TruBlood, the show follows Sookie Stackhouse in her life as a telepathic waitress who falls in love with a vampire. Premiering September 7, "True Blood" stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, Chris Bauer, Lynn Collins and William Sanderson.

In the Top Cow comic, "True Blood: The Great Revelation," the ancient and wise "Vampire King" of California, Lamar, is summoned to Tokyo for a meeting with the executives of the company that produces TruBlood, where he'll learn of their broader aspirations and the role they've devised for him. The first sixteen pages of the story will be available starting July 24 at HBO, with new installations every Wednesday. The book also contains eight pages of bonus material that includes an interview with Alan Ball.

In addition to a Comic-Con panel session with Alan Ball & Charlaine Harris and the cast of "True Blood" on Thursday at 4:30 in room 6CDEF, the fictional Tru Blood product will be sponsoring the masquerade ball. Fans can also get free T-Shirts at the official blood drive. For more on True Blood, visit http://bloodcopy.com/.

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