EXCLUSIVE: Triple H Drops the Hammer in New WWE Cover from BOOM! Studios

As revealed on Wednesday, BOOM! Studios has acquired the WWE license, and will publish comic books based on the massive and long-running pro wrestling -- "sports entertainment," if you prefer -- company. CBR has the exclusive first look at the latest WWE cover from BOOM!, with "Sons of Anarchy" artist Matías Bergara illustrating former multi-time WWE Champion Triple H brandishing a sledgehammer in his days as "The Game" -- rather than the current short-haired COO who spends more time wearing a suit than wrestling trunks.

BOOM! is set to launch its new WWE line at this month's Comic-Con International in San Diego, as confirmed by IGN. Similar to BOOM! Studios' "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" launch at last year's Comic-Con, the publisher will sell a set of six one-page comics ($5 each, on sale at the BOOM! booth, #2229), with a cover on one side and an "info comic" on the other. The comics will be illustrated by Daniel Bayliss and Doug Garbark with letters by Jim Campbell; a writer has not yet been announced, but the stories will correspond with WWE's "Then. Now. Forever." branding, with three comics centered on current WWE Superstars (Now), two on retired wrestlers (Then) and one on a WWE legend (Forever).

Based on the covers revealed thus far, three of the six to be spotlighted are Triple H, longtime WWE franchise player John Cena and current WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day, consisting of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods -- who are set to appear at the BOOM! Comic-Con booth on Thursday, July 21:

These mini-comics will lead to the "WWE: Then. Now. Forever." one-shot, set for release in November. The subsequent plan has yet to be released, but if it follows the pattern of BOOM! Studios' "Power Rangers" launch, an ongoing series could be likely to debut two months later, in January -- and given the sales success of "Power Rangers," BOOM! may be looking to keep that strategy going.

Comic-Con International takes place July 21 to July 24 at the San Diego Convention Center. Keep reading CBR for the latest on BOOM! Studios' "WWE" comic book plans.

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