EXCL: Transformers: Rise of the Combiners Card Game Unleashes Warpath

Fans of the Transformers Trading Card Game will soon have even more options available to play when the Rise of the Combiners booster packs arrive on March 1. CBR can exclusively reveal one of the upcoming booster packs will feature the Autobot Warpath.

Warpath's card pack describes him as a "Confident Sharpshooter" that can transform into a tank. He has an attack level of two, a health level of six and a defense level of three. Another characteristic of Warpath is enemies can't use "Tough" against the Autobot.

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In Rise of the Combiners, the Combiners are a new class of Autobot and Decepticon characters that "combine" together to form a much larger Transformer. Fans of The Transformers animated series will find similarities between Combiners and the Constructicons, who joined together to form Devastator. An example from Rise of the Combiners are Predacons, which are five Decepticons that come together to create Predaking.

A new addition to the game is the green battle icon. After a battle is complete, a player can swap out a card in their hand for one of their flipped green cards. However, you're only allowed to swap for one green card each battle. Also, enigma cards are what allow combiner teams to form one Transformer. The only prerequisite is the characters already be in bot mode.

Transformers: Rise of the Combiners booster packs will be available on March 1.

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